Support is offline

As of January 1st 2023 client accounts accessible through are offline. Why is offline? was a custom-made CRM system that displayed orders and facilitated theme renewals and downloads. It was intricately linked to our e-commerce system, which was also custom-made. We have moved to a standard e-commerce system based on WooCommerce without … is offline Read More »

Broken theme editor

Some people using one of our themes for their website have been using it for years, and suddenly experience the front end editor stops working. One of the possible explanations they think may be the cause of this is that they think the state of the theme editor can be turned on or off by …

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The Elementor Templates

We get a lot of questions concerning the prominent display of Elementor and Elementor Templates on our website. We’ve decided to bundle the questions in one article (this one) and answer them. Some of the questions were originally posted in our Facebook group. This article can also serve as a reference if someone asks similar questions. Q: Is …

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