Theme doesn’t work correctly after WordPress update

If you’ve updated WordPress and your theme using the Nexus Page Builder stops working correctly here’s what you can do.

What’s the latest version of the theme?

Themes using the Nexus Page Builder (not Elementor Templates) are compatible with WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33

The latest version of the Nexus Page Builder is 3.0.221101.0902

What theme version am I using?

You can find out what version of the theme you’re running in the following way:

Login to WordPress and click “Appearance” > “Themes” to get to the theme overview page. Then hover over your Nexus theme and click “Theme details”.

The theme version is located at the end of the theme title. If it’s not the latest version of the theme yet you’re running the latest version of WordPress, it means your theme is not compatible with WordPress and you need to update it.

How do I obtain the latest version of the theme?

We have created an overview of all our themes called: Elementor Templates And WordPress Themes Sorted Per Business Type

Look up your specific theme by comparing the title from your theme overview with the title from our overview. Clicking the title will lead you to the theme sales page where you can obtain the latest version of the theme.

Ensure you’re obtaining the WordPress Theme version, not the Elementor Template version. The Elementor Template will not work on websites built using themes with the Nexus Page builder.