End-of-life status for themes using the Nexus page builder

Themes using the Nexus Page Builder (not Elementor Templates) are compatible with WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33

The latest version of the Nexus Page Builder is 3.0.221101.0902

The Nexus page builder is an open source front-end editing tool we created ourselves to build our entire initial WordPress theme catalog. After more than a decade the page builder has reached an end-of-life status on Jan 1st 2023.

We acknowledge the fact that within that decade a huge number of clients still rely on theme with a Nexus page builder to power their website. That’s why we’ve converted our theme catalog into one that also works with the popular Elementor page builder plugin, and provide people with a design alternative since December 2020.

Why did we decide to start building Elementor Templates?

You can find more information about why we decided to use Elementor in the article “The Elementor Templates Initiative“.

What does the end-of-life status entail?

Theme availability

Thousands of people are still using the Nexus Page builder for their website. This led to support request for the latest version. Instead of manually having to send them, or tell those people they’re on their own, we decided to discount them from the original price of 65 dollars to 29.

That means the Nexus Page Builder as of this writing is still available, support and updates for the Nexus Page Builder is not. See next section.

Support and Updates

From Jan 1st 2023 onwards:

  • Nexus Themes no longer offers new theme updates and/or provide support related to any issues with sites using themes with the Nexus page builder.
  • Nexus Themes no longer invest resources into keeping the themes compatible with the latest version of WordPress, WordPress plugins, and web server technology.

It does not mean that the theme will not work on that date per se. It does mean that the user of the theme is wholly responsible for any issues, show-stopping or not, related to theme software which will no longer be fixed by us.

Theme renewals

As of this writing we will proactively disable theme renewals and the sending of renewal emails. It means you can no longer receive the latest version of the theme using your account at my.nexusthemes.com

You can still obtain a theme using the Nexus page builder from the WordPress theme overview page.

Elementor Templates

We are actively promoting the usage of our Elementor templates. As long as themes with the Nexus Page builder are still made available we will also provide the Elementor version (if it has been created) alongside it, should a client purchase it.

The opposite is also true. Should a client buy a design for which an Elementor version exists, she will receive the Elementor Template with the proper installation instructions. Should the client still want the theme using the Nexus Page builder, it is available for download from the respective account at my.nexusthemes.com.

Elementor Template Availability

We have over 300 designs in our theme catalog. Roughly half of those have been converted into Elementor templates.

If you do not see an “add to cart” button for your particular Elementor template, it means we do not have one yet. Our current suggestion would be to find a suitable alternative from the ones that are available. That implies we do not have a 1-to-1 design alternative for each and every design available.


Should you have any questions we encourage you to ask them in our Facebook group.