is offline

As of January 1st 2023 client accounts accessible through are offline.

Why is offline? was a custom-made CRM system that displayed orders and facilitated theme renewals and downloads. It was intricately linked to our e-commerce system, which was also custom-made.

We have moved to a standard e-commerce system based on WooCommerce without any customization, to drastically simplify maintenance. As a result both the old e-commerce system and had to go.

How do I obtain the latest version of my theme without the ability to login to my account?

We foresaw that, for whatever reason, people would still want to obtain the latest version of the theme. Even after the end-of-life date of January 1st 2023 had been reached.

You can, they are still available from the webshop, but the download functionality within your account from is no longer available.

What is the latest version of a theme using the Nexus Page Builder?

The latest version from November 2022 is: 3.0.221101.0902

How do I know what version of the Nexus Page Builder my website is using?

  • Right click on any page of your website and choose “View Page Source” from the popup menu
  • locate the version number at the top of the code

How do I obtain the Elementor version of my theme?

To help people transition to the Elementor version of their Nexus Page Builder theme, we offered it for free if it was available. If not, we offered an alternative of the clients’ choice for free.

This option was given as soon as we communicated the end-of-life date of January 1st 2023 of the Nexus Page Builder. It meant clients were given a full year (the entirety of 2022) to obtain the Elementor version alongside the Nexus Page builder version, provided you had a valid license.

The option to obtain Elementor Templates for free is no longer available since January 1st 2023. Themes using the Nexus Page Builder can still be obtained for a steep discount.