About Us

Operating in over 110 countries

For years we’ve managed to survive in the extremely competitive industry of premium WordPress themes. With a dedication to hard work, a singular focus on streamlining our ever increasing theme portfolio and a commitment to staying the course of adding value to thousands of business owners worldwide.

Our philosophy

We’ve dedicated years of our lives to the proposition of bringing the online world towards business owners worldwide. Creating “online momentum” for these hard-working people is the mantra we live by. We’ve been in an economic lull for quite some time but we feel there’s never been more drive and energy for change. We want business owners worldwide to be on the forefront of change in a very positive way with the help of our products.

Our vision

Already in a 2009 report from renowned consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group it became clear that businesses that weren’t online hadn’t shown revenue growth for a number of years. We don’t think this is a trend but a consistent development in the industry across all sectors. There’s a huge demand for online services and products. And the online demand of new generations of consumers, with respect to both quality and quantity, will only be higher. Businesses will be forced, sooner or later, to either jump the bandwagon or die.

Our mission

There’s no better feeling than knowing that your product helps other business owners keep doing what they love. Our mission is to be the top provider worldwide of WordPress themes thus being able to help every business owner get a quality online presence, no matter what business they’re in. To this end we’re looking for people who believe in our cause, are passionate about helping us achieve it and don’t mind making some extra money doing it in that order of priority.

Contact and address

For business inquiries please email us at info@nexusthemes.com.

We’re located at Barnevelderstraat 17, 1109BX Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Tel +31 618 744 920