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    For years the two-man army of Gert-Jan and Johan has managed to survive in the extremely competitive industry of premium WordPress themes. With a dedication to hard work, a singular focus on streamlining their ever increasing theme portfolio and a commitment to staying the course of adding value to thousands of business owners worldwide. 

  • Meet the team

  • Gert-Jan Bark



    Gert-Jan is co-founder and Lead developer. I am very thankful to have found my two great passions early in live; the first one is my passion to build and create things (both in the real and virtual world; whether its building castles from wooden blocks, lego structures or virtual things like software), and the other one is passion to want to know the fundamentals of how and why things work the way they do (my curiosity).

  • Johan van Seijen



    Johan van Seijen is co-founder and our lead designer. After gaining a Master's Degree in Information Science he decided to try his luck in the illustration industry, working for clients as Avantgarde, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. With the return to the software industry grew the desire to create something to be truly proud of and which could spearhead his ambition of having his own company. And Nexus Themes is what followed. He lives with his wife and daughter in Amsterdam.

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