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  • We believe that work is an integral part of fashioning a lifestyle and as such, should reflect something that actively supports your personal growth, interests and contribution to this world. Our company’s culture has moved beyond corporate platitudes towards a system where commercial interests are constantly balanced against personal incentives. Work can be play.

  • Our Philosophy

    We've dedicated years of our lives to the proposition of bringing the online world towards business owners worldwide. Creating "online momentum" for these hard-working people is the mantra we live by. We've been in an economic lull for quite some time but we feel there's never been more drive and energy for change. We want business owners worldwide to be on the forefront of change in a very positive way with the help of our products. Read more about our business philosophy in: "The shift towards websites as a commodity".

  • Our Vision

    Already in a 2009 report from renowned consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group it became clear that business that weren't online hadn't shown revenue growth for a number of years. At Nexus Themes we don't think this is a trend but a consistent development in the industry across all sectors. There's a huge demand for online services and products. And the online demand of new generations of consumers, with respect to both quality and quantity, will only be higher. Business will be forced, sooner or later, to either jump the bandwagon or die.

  • Our Mission

    There's no better feeling than knowing that your product helps other business owners keep doing what they love. Our mission is to be the top provider worldwide of business WordPress themes thus being able to help every business owner get a quality online presence, no matter what business they're in. To this end we're looking for people who believe in our cause, are passionate about helping us achieve it and don't mind making some extra money doing it in that order of priority. 

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  • Freedom

    What in the early beginnings was a financial necessity has turned into one of our companies greatest assets: a remote culture. In line with our philosophy of work supporting your personal lifestyle, all of us fill in their work-related responsibilities from whichever place they prefer. Read more about it in our article: Creating a Remote Culture: Transcending the Corporate Stereotype

  • Contribution

    Although our reach spans more than 80 countries, we currently enable this reach with only a handful of people. That’s means that your contribution both to the team and our clients is extremely impactful and your effort truly matters. There are no nameless cogs here.

  • Personal Growth

    Because of the size of our team your responsibility for day to day operations is only limited to what you feel comfortable with and what your skill set dictates. Design, development, marketing, support, product design there’s a place here if you rise to the occasion.

  • Who We're Looking For

    To take our business to the next level it is inevitable we'll need the help of people who understand the essence of responsibility, passion, trust and dedication. These are characteristics of those commonly known as "A-players". Although an overused term, it still rings so true for any business that thrives in these economic times that these are the people that make up the heart and soul of your organization. We are no exception and are always on the lookout for them. Get on board and enjoy the richness of our culture and the unique ways in which it will enable you to shape your personal and professional business lifestyle.

  • Step 1: Application

    If you're interested in starting a new career at Nexus Themes send your cover letter and resume to careers@nexusthemes.com. Tell us why you believe your personality and skills align with our organisation and the particular position you're applying for.

  • Step 2: Shortlisting

    Once you submit your application, it goes through a pre-screening process. Based on your application we assess if there's a match between you and our organization. If there is, then your profile is shortlisted and we will contact you to arrange an interview.

  • Step 3: Interviews

    The interview is the essential way to get to know each other better. Naturally we're very interested in your personal interests, areas you excel in and areas you would want to grow. We'll focus on our organisation, it's culture and the people who work here giving you ample opportunity to ask questions.

  • Step 4: Offer

    The interview determines whether or not you've successfully applied for the specific role or not. If you are successful we'll make you a proper offer and arrange the appropriate paperwork for you to finalise the contract.

  • Available Positions