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    Make the best of your website with the Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme

    A professional online presence can make the difference for customers when choosing a wedding planner in your area. Start with the Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme and get your services online fast without any coding at all! This pre-built WordPress theme is designed specifically for wedding planners and ready for your own text and photos.

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  • The Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - modern web design for wedding planners

    The online industry is ever growing and your organization should grow with it. Growth nowadays resides in part in having a solid website. And a quality website answers questions of budget, knowledge necessary and time on hand. We can do nothing about your time, but we can give your wedding planner business a quality website within budget and for small business owners who've never heard of WordPress in the first place. The Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme enables professionals in the wedding planner business to set up their own website quickly and efficiently. And with all the necessary features every wedding planner individual would want. Behind the screens our powerful front end editor makes maintaining your site a completely different experience than standard WordPress themes and we pride ourselves on giving the excellent support you might need in case of getting stuck.

  • Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - A great blogger theme

    A great blogger theme

    Become an authority in your field by postings relevant blog items on your site. Integrated on the site is a nice page displaying all your latest blog posts.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - For wedding planners

    For wedding planners

    The Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme is designed with the specific needs of wedding planners in mind. With important pages and features already in place, your new website will be nearly finished right out of the box.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Bright calls-to-action

    Bright calls-to-action

    On every page of this WordPress theme for wedding planners, visitors are encouraged to take action and get in touch. Mobile visitors can just tap on your phone number to dial.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Expandable slider

    Expandable slider

    Showcase your favorite photos on your homepage with the Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme's classic image slider.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Contact and route planner

    Contact and route planner

    The contact section not only holds a default contact form but also a Google Map, general contact info and a route planner button when people try to find you with their mobile device.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Solid detail pages

    Solid detail pages

    The Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme includes individual pages already set up for you to go into detail about each of the services your business has to offer to pique the interest of future clients.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Your services online

    Your services online

    Allow your visitors to see an at-a-glance overview of your services, directly from the homepage of the Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Promote yourself

    Promote yourself

    Take advantage of the social media options included with the Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme to get the word out about your wedding agency and attract new visitors online.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - wedding planners

    wedding planners

    The Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme has a built in about page where you can list your team of experts. This is truly a must have if you want to add some more trust to your site.

    Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme - Customer testimonials

    Customer testimonials

    Attractively display client feedback with the Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme's quote widget. Just paste in your own text and the quotes will be automatically styled with no coding required.

  • mobile responsive Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme

    Exceed customer expectations with the responsive Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme

    Want a state-of-the-art mobile version of your wedding planner website? That's what you get when you build your site with our responsive Wedding Coordinator WordPress Theme! When visitors browse your pages using smartphones and tablets, they'll be treated to the same professional look and user-friendly functionality of the desktop version. Our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your photos and text to display neatly on any screen size, with no plug-ins, coding or effort required! As you add content to your site and as new mobile devices enter the market, you can feel confident that your website will make a great impression even on small screens.

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