This product is no longer updated. Its last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33
The Video Production Website Template is our redesigned alternative.


Video Production WordPress Theme

A skill such as video production needs a professional platform to garner the appropriate audience. With the Video Production WordPress Theme you set yourself up for success in this creative industry.

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Video Production WordPress Theme - online visual eye candy for your business

As any video production closely follows a script so should any website. At least that’s what we firmly believe in. The Video Production WordPress Theme is no exception to the rule. Upon activation the complete layout and design is in place for you to make your own. Add text, images and videos in a well planned site structure with user friendly navigation. Naturally, with the Video Production WordPress Theme you have the ability to post your video material on prominent places, like the homepage. Your main services are clearly featured directly underneath as is the main call to action. For what is a business website without a clear goal? That’s only the beginning and what you can see on the outside. With dozens of fully integrated features we’ve been able to give the total web experience to any video production professional. Meaning, updates, support, the user interface, mobile optimization, extendability, affordability and a turnkey activation. As you pride yourself on telling great stories visually we’ve always prided ourselves on being able to enhance the online presence of business professionals internationally, video production artists included.

Effortlessly mobile-ready web design with the responsive Video Production WordPress Theme

Engaging your audience visually is the main aspect of any video production business. Even though web design is wholly different from video production, your site’s visitors will judge you by your online cover. So why not provide them with the best online experience possible? The Video Production WordPress Theme is fully optimized for mobile devices straight out of the box. Meaning, your site will adapt itself to any screen resolution without you having sleepless nights trying to implement this amazing feature. This way, your awesome video production skills will be shown with a platform that serves them right.

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The Video Production WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of videographers in mind.