This product is no longer updated. Its last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33
The Reiki Website Template is our redesigned alternative.


Reiki WordPress Theme

There was no theme in the market for reiki specialist until we came along. With passion and dedication we’ve created this top-selling Reiki WordPress Theme that’ll make your practice shine on the internet.

Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $29.00.

Reiki WordPress Theme - Share your energy on the web

We’re always on the lookout for business niches that need a great website like anyone else, but will have a hard time finding the right theme. As far as we know there isn’t a single Reiki WordPress Theme in the market that is specifically designed for reiki practices. So that means that your best option is the one we’ve created. But understand that’s not a bad thing, because we’ve poured our heart and soul into this design The Reiki WordPress Theme has everything you’d expect from design built around this type of health care. It has a subdued, but a strong design, that incorporates an intuitive navigation to reiki sessions and reiki classes. Both have their own overview. Besides that it has a team overview if you don’t operate alone, an FAQ section, call-to-actions that point to a page with a Google Calender, testimonials both on its own page as well as the homepage, and of course a blog section. In other words, it’s a true powerhouse of a theme for reiki specialists.

Great design for mobile devices with the responsive Reiki WordPress Theme

Each piece of content on the Reiki WordPress Theme can be easily changed and updated with the website builder that ships with it. And any change you make to the theme will look great on any device. The Reiki WordPress Theme is fully responsive without you having to do anything to make it so. You don’t have to worry about what device is being used to view your website. It would look great from the smallest smartphones to the biggest widescreen monitors.

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The Reiki WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of reiki specialists in mind.