This product is no longer updated. The last compatible release is: WordPress 6.4.3 and PHP 7.4.33


Photography Studio WordPress Theme

While your capturing those precious moments in time, a website based on the Photography Studio WordPress Theme is your silent partner. Working stolidly in the back spreading your creative skill set among the crowd.


Photography Studio WordPress Theme - your studio takes the spotlight

We all want to share our passion with an audience. When it comes to photography it’s only natural that images get the online platform they deserve for all the world to see. The Photography Studio WordPress Theme was created with that requirement in mind. It’s site structure is subservient to the images which are the definite core of the entire theme. With a dazzling full page slider on the homepage you’ll be able to prominently feature your best work. A toned down color scheme, which can be fully adjusted to suit your personal preferences, further enhance the images. Placholder for your most imporatnt services, an easy to navigate site structure and dozens of extendable features all serve one thing: to highlight your photos. Of course, we haven’t forgot that the business side of things should also have its place. Service detail pages with galleries are accompanied by rates overviews. Separate sections are in place for client testimonials, a blog overview and a contact section. And behind the screens we’re here to provide excellent support and ongoing updates.

Build a mobile-optimized website with the responsive Photography Studio WordPress Theme

How can your pictures weave a tapestry of a thousand words if not shown correctly? The answer: they can’t. That is why all of our templates, including the Photography Studio WordPress Theme, are optimized for mobile devices. This means that your pictures will get their place in the spotlight irrespective of device being used. Smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and any other device you can think of with their myriad of screen resolutions, it all doesn’t matter. With the responsive Photography Studio template you’ll be assured of the fact your website’s visitors will have a superb user experience of your online photography skills.

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The Photography Studio WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of photographers in mind.