This product is no longer updated. The last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33


Music Label WordPress Theme

Don’t lose valuable time in getting your website online by laboring over custom coding and searching for plugins. The Music Label WordPress Theme is already set up with service pages and more. Just drop in your own text and images.

Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $29.00.

Music Label WordPress Theme - showcase your artists with a beautiful music label portfolio

Are you a professional music label owner? Do you need a website that will help you manage your business and sell your music? Then you need the Music Label WordPress Theme. This theme is designed specifically for professional music label owners, and it includes all the features you need to run your business. It comes with a built-in music player, so you can showcase your music online, and it also includes a built-in store, so you can sell your music directly from your website. Plus, it’s fully responsive, so it will look great on any device. So if you’re looking for a theme that will help you manage your music label, the Music Label WordPress Theme is the perfect choice.

Striking mobile web design with the responsive Music Label WordPress Theme

Each piece of content on the Music Label WordPress Theme can be easily changed and updated with the website builder that ships with it. And any change you make to the theme will look great on any device. The Music Label WordPress Theme is fully responsive without you having to do anything to make it so. You don’t have to worry about what device is being used to view your website. It would look great from the smallest smartphones to the biggest widescreen monitors.

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The Music Label WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of label owners in mind.