This product is no longer updated. The last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33


Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme

We’re just as passionate about building great themes for immigration lawyers, as the target audience for this theme is about winning their cases.

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Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme - the top-selling theme for immigration lawyers

The Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme has been the go-to solution for immigration lawyers since we created it. Unlke many of our competitors we always strive to make our products really apply to the business type we’re building it for. That means that even if you find an alternative WordPress theme related to immigration services, they’ll probably just barely scratch the surface of what an immigration lawyer will need for his or her own website. Our Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme is totally different. If you take a look at the live demo you can instantly see the passion that went into the layout and design. We’ve incorporated, among others, a Free Consultation Request Form, a page for your success stories, a specific immigration services overview pointing to detail pages, a place for your trust icons, a page where you can introduce your team of attorneys, a FAQ section, and web design staples like a blog and contact section. Of course this theme works on the latest WordPress installations. But it’s also powered by our state-of-the-art front-end editor. This ensures that you (or your client) can easily maintain and expand upon the initial content besides using the more traditional WP editor. All of the the Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme‘s content is shipped with the theme.

Look great at every screen size with the responsive Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme

Of course this Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme is fully mobile optimized. Although that is an absolute requirement nowadays, we often see website that definitely do not look great on all of the devices out there. It’s one thing to let a professional web designer design a site and make it look great on a plethora of devices. What we’ve done is to make sure as good as possible that the mobile layout stays working even if the actual immigration lawyer is working on the site. Adding blogs related to various immigration topics is one thing, but a lawyer should never have to concern herself with the intricacies of making a design mobile optimized.

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The Immigration Consulting WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of immigration consultants in mind.