This product is no longer updated. Its last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33
The Hunting Website Template is our redesigned alternative.


Hunting WordPress Theme

Walking in the fresh smell of the outdoors stands in shrill contrast to the perceived immobility of sitting behind a computer. With the Hunting WordPress Theme more time can be spend on the hunt. Even as you trample through the woods your website will be working for you, not against you, when garnering new clients.

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Hunting WordPress Theme - your online goals in sight and on target

The close knit hunting community now has another aid. It’s called the Hunting WordPress Theme. It’s probably the only website template out there specifically targeting outfitter professionals and their audience. The theme has a set of unique business features solely intended for the hunting industry. There are dedicated sections for license information, lodge information, placeholders for outfitter references, and more generic features like a gallery, blog and contact section. In line with the hunting business, the Hunting WordPress Theme sports a dark green color scheme. This can be changed to suit your personal style as can any element on the site with the help of our user friendly editor. This editor makes sure you literally never have to touch any line of code and provides a whole slew of other features to build upon the initial layout.

Your own mobile platform with the responsive Hunting WordPress Theme

From the great outdoors to the confines of the online world is a step that might seem suffocating to any outfitter. Let alone when we try to discuss the intricacies of responsive design: the de facto standard of the web design industry when it comes to serving your clients with the best online experience. That’s exactly the reason why we’ve got this area covered with this fully responsive Hunting WordPress Theme. You can rest assured your website will display perfectly on any device while you head out for the next hunt.

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The Hunting WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of hunting guides in mind.