This product is no longer updated. Its last compatible release is: WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 7.4.33
The Antiques Website Template is our redesigned alternative.


Antiques WordPress Theme

Nowadays going online is the most efficient way to grow your business. But how to get online in a professional and easy way? Our Antiques WordPress Theme will help you get there.

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Antiques WordPress Theme - stylish online promotion for antique store owners

One crucial aspect of the success of any business is having a professional and effective website. The Antiques WordPress Theme was designed to implement this goal. The theme has a rich set of features that will fit your business. Take a look at the detailed list of highlighed features below and see for yourself that the Antiques WordPress Theme is the ideal way to promote your antiques services.

Bright mobile design with the responsive Antiques WordPress Theme

When you use our responsive Antiques WordPress Theme, you need not worry about whether your mobile visitors can access it. Our template makes it easy to engage clients, even when they are on the go. Because it automatically configures itself to whichever mobile device your visitors might be using, they will not be tempted to bounce away from your site due to a frustrating experience.

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The Antiques WordPress Theme was specifically designed with the needs of antiques store owners in mind.