Computer Repair Website Template

The Computer Repair Website Template is a highly sophisticated solution for people working in the repair industry. If the way you present yourself on the web is in need of a repair the Computer Repair Website Template will serve as the perfect foundation and starting point.

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Computer Repair Website Template - the smartest investment you can make for your computer repair website

The Computer Repair Website Template is a perfect mix of sophisticated web design and overall usability. The content created with the page builder and WordPress is a great way to create a website for any computer repair business. With a drag-and-drop page builder you cannot only make beautiful layouts, you also make website maintenance a breeze for any web designer. The drag-and-drop page builder is fully compatible with almost all WordPress themes out there, and the templates included in this kit can be used to create a site from start and finish including the header, footer, sidebar, 404 page and archive. Besides these technical features we’ve created a specific layout for technicians working in the computer repair business. With repair services and business solutions on the homepage, as well as a beautiful slider, testimonials, appointment booking call-to-action, trust icons, price overview, news section and of course a contact page. With the combination of WordPress, any theme, and this website template you’ve set yourself up for web design success. Building a professional looking website takes an enormous amount of effort, financially and time-wise. The Computer Repair Website Template might just be the smartest investment you can make. For both web designers and end users alike.

A professional with a responsive design Computer Repair Website Template

As you can see from the screenshots taken from various mobile devices, the overall professional look-and-feel of the Computer Repair Website Template stays in place. As it should be. Because your site is bound to be visited by people using a plethora of hardware, from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The built-in features of a powerful drag-and-drop page builder have helped to create specific layouts when the screen resolution is adjusted. That way important information, like your phonenumber, stays clearly visible. And all of your content, like repair services, rearange themselves to stay clearly readable.

One-time payment, no recurring fees

This Elementor template is provided for a one-time payment. There’s no subscription model attached to it, and you will not be charged recurring fees.

Installation instructions, create an exact copy of the live preview

We’ve created easy-to-follow installation instructions, so you’ll be able to start with an exact copy of the live preview as the foundation of your own website.

Specifications Computer Repair Website Template

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May 31, 2023
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wpress archive file
Required plugins
Elementor, Elementor Pro
WordPress compatibility
PHP compatibility
Images included

Technical Features Computer Repair Website Template

Images and content included

All of the content and the entire site structure, pages, post, header, footer, sidebar, and the like, is included, ensuring you can start your own site as an exact copy of the live preview.

Mobile optimized

All of our themes have been tested to be fully mobile optimized, and provide the best user experience no matter what device is being used.

Powered by WordPress

WordPress is used for almost half of all the websites in the entire world. That’s because it’s an incredible open source platform to build a website upon, and has been our go-to choice for years.

Designed with Elementor

Just as WordPress is the best website platform, Elementor is the best web design plugin with over 5 million active installs. With both Elementor and Elementor Pro there are no design limitations.

WooCommerce ready

If you’ve always dreamt of having your very own webshop you can. All of our designs are WooCommerce ready, and fully compatible with the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress.

The Computer Repair Website Template was specifically designed with the needs of repair technicians in mind.