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  • The Yoga Studio WordPress theme - create your online yoga community

    The yoga business is growing like never before, which makes now the perfect time to consider expanding your yoga practice. As a yoga trainer you already know the various yoga techniques. However, did you know that having a professional yoga website can help open up an entirely new avenue for your business? Not only can you inform more people about your classes, but you can also blog about healthy tips and can build a true following around your yoga practice. Finding the right Yoga WordPress theme is key in making this a reality for you.

  • Class schedule

    Neatly display your entire class schedule on the dedicated page included in the Yoga WordPress Theme.

    Contact options

    The contact section not only holds a default contact form but also a Google Map, general contact info and a route planner button when people try to find you with their mobile device.

    Beautiful gallery

    Display your photos in elegant lightbox image galleries with the Yoga WordPress Theme. You can add multi-column photo galleries to any page or post.

    For yoga instructors

    Opposed to the average WordPress theme you can find on the internet, this Yoga WordPress Theme was designed specifically to create a professional online presence for yoga instructors.

    Pricing overview

    The Yoga WordPress Theme comes equipped with a clean rates overview. Neatly divided it gives you the ability to inform your clients of your ongoing rates.

    Impressive slider

    This template for yoga instructors includes a preconfigured background image slider to welcome visitors to your homepage. Add photos and captions to make it your own.

    Clear call-to-actions

    Highly visible call-to-actions on nearly every page of the Yoga WordPress Theme encourage visitors to contact and makes it easy for them to do it!

    Solid blog features

    Regularly updating the news and events blog not only keeps your clients and visitors informed, it can help drive traffic to your site and boost rankings.

    Meet the team

    Establish your entire team's authority by using the Yoga WordPress Theme's about page to share a bit of each team member's own personal story.

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  • Create the perfect user experience with the responsive Yoga Studio WordPress theme

    With each passing year, having a mobile website becomes more and more adamant for business owners out there. Since the inception of the first iPhone in 2007 the use of smartphones and tablets has exploded beyond comprehension. A lot of us can no longer imagine a world without our smartphone. So the "mobile" requirement for websites has become a widespread phenomenon. With the responsive Yoga Studio WordPress theme you are certain your site gives an optimal user experience to your visitors. No matter what device they use to view it.

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