• The Water Purifier WordPress Theme - get your water purifier services online fast

    Show clients the level of quality they can expect from your water purifier company with the Water Purifier WordPress Theme. Adding content and adjusting page layouts is simple using our unique front-end editor and drag and drop widgets, and even customizing the color scheme takes just a few clicks. No coding skills are required, so building and maintaining your site is manageable even if you've never built a website before. The Water Purifier WordPress Theme can help you attract new clients with an elegant, professional website you can be proud of.

  • We service clients who focus on speed of implementation

    Divi Themes is the number one selling theme provider in the world for creating websites for small business owners as fast as possible.

  • Products overview

    Show visitors a one-glance overview of the top brands you use and sell at your water purification business on the products page.

    Service overview

    Offer information about the services you offer by simply replacing the text on the website's hompage.

    Visible call-to-actions

    With a contrasting color and highlighted on the homepage and the sidebar, the Water Purifier WordPress Theme contains call-to-actions that get noticed.

    Important trust factors

    The best way to promote your services with the Water Purifier WordPress Theme is to do let others do the talking for you. We've included a stylish testimonials page for you to fill with your own quotes.

    Trust icon functionality

    Include recognizable logos from your professional associations, awards and top clients to inspire trust in your services. Just replace the icons with your logos.

    Mailing list sign up form

    With the Water Purifier WordPress Theme, visitors are encouraged to sign up for your mailing list with a simple form that can be displayed on any page.

    About section

    Setting up a dedicated page of what your clients can expect from you conveys professionalism and channels the right expectations concerning your health services.

    News Section Included

    It's WordPress, so a classic blog is included. Still very much a staple of online marketing the blog can both be used to write informative articles and boost your rankings.

    FAQ section

    Designed with clear distinctions between the questions and answers, the Water Purifier WordPress Theme's FAQ page is ready to be filled with your most frequently asked Qs and As.

    Downloadable offer requests

    An expandable quotation form not only enables your visitors to ask for more information. Each submitted form is displayed on a form overview page for future reference.

    Clear contact info

    The Contact page of this Water Purifier WordPress Theme goes above and beyond with an integrated Google map, route planner and a customizable contact form.

    Made for purification professionals

    The Water Purifier WordPress Theme was designed specifically with the needs of purification professionals in mind in order to offer your the best match for your business.

    Promote your business

    The Water Purifier WordPress Theme comes packaged with icons for popular social media platforms. Use widgets to display a Twitter feed, Tumblr gallery or Facebook like wall.

  • mobile responsive Water Purifier WordPress Theme

    Designed for every screen size, the responsive Water Purifier WordPress Theme

    With this responsiveWater Purifier WordPress Theme you'll never have to give a second thought to the mobile version of your agency's website. Absolutely no coding, plugins or extra effort are required to ensure that your pages will display beautifully on any screen size. That's because our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content based on the capabilities of each handheld device. Your visitors will be treated to the same professional look and functionality of the desktop version using any smartphone or tablet.

  • An easy to use stepping stone for your water purification business

    Don't just rely on word of mouth, create a professional website for your water purifier business with the Water Purifier WordPress Theme! This pre-built web template is ready for your own text and photos to help you get your services online fast.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - A popular choice for building websites

    There are probably very few purification professionals who decide to build their own website. If there are, they shouldn’t because it’s a realm reserved for those with the proper skills to navigate it. The reason we’ve chosen Nexus Framework is because it has a proven trackrecord, a myriad of design options and is well-known in the web design community. This way purification professionals have the biggest chance of finding a professional with the knowledge and experience of the tool to help them out the best way they can. This in turn is very important for the continuity of your online presence, since it’s not to uncommon for business owners to change web designers.

  • What our clients say about us

  • These WordPress themes could really be a revolution in designing with Wordpress. And, these two guys are not only very willing and nice guys, but they are also very well skilled! In both coding and design. Keep up the good work!

    Sito Demmers - Netherlands

    Agility, great product, and readiness to provide competent support in any moment are just part of the things that makes your company professional.

    Milos Tajkov - Serbia

    May you be blessed in your business - what a talent you have to come up with such wonderful designs.

    Sarah Corsar - U.K.