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    Easily build a professional website with the Water Purifier WordPress Theme

    You won't find a better WordPress theme in the market to build a professional website for your water purification business. Realizing there wasn't any WordPress theme that remotely reflected anything someone from this industry would need, we decided to fill in this gap. The Water Purifier WordPress Theme is the result of our efforts.

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  • A fresh design built around the requirements of water purification experts

    The Water Purifier WordPress Theme is the perfect theme for professionals installing commercial purification systems, drinking water systems, standby generators and cartridge filters. The reason we built this WordPress theme is that we saw there was a need for it but very little if no professional product in the market. We then started with a thorough analysis of what water purification experts would want and need in their website and designed the theme around those requirements.

    The result is a theme that incorporates anything you'd need to built a site. From the fresh design that clearly represents this industry, to the products overview, the services overview, the FAQ section, the Water Analysis Request Form, the social media integration, the blog overview and the like. If you go for the Water Purifier WordPress Theme you put yourself in the driver's seat when it comes to building a website that beats your competition.

  • Call-to-action

    Your website is a tool you can obviously use to bring in new leads for your business. Provided you have it set up in such a way you entice people to get into contact with you.

    Water purification products

    A website for your water purification business is an excellent way to show your product line. Whether it be commercial systems, drinking water systems, generators or filters.

    Water purification services

    The Water Purifier WordPress Theme has an overview of relevant services right on the homepage. Each item points to its own page and can be easily updated to reflect your companies' way of doing things.

    Client testimonials

    You know how to do your job as a purification professional, but a great way of gaining some social proof is with testimonials. You'll find them on the homepage and on a dedicated page.

    Trust icons

    Show that you are a professional in your industry with the help of trust icons. They are a great way to include your accreditations, associations and affiliations with other brands and companies.

    Newsletter subscription

    An unobtrusive newsletter subscription in the footer can help you building your email list. If you want to you can copy and paste this small form anywhere on your website.

    Social media integration

    The Water Purifier WordPress Theme provides you with the ability to integrate your social media channels. So if you're active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other outlet, this is the tool to link to them.

    Purification product detail pages

    Every product category from the homepage points to its own page. On that page you'll have more screen real estate to go into details about your water purification solutions.

    Intuitive navigation

    A clean layout with an intuitive navigation makes sure visitors to your website can find their way around. The Water Purifier WordPress Theme has permanent links to the most important elements of your website in the sidebar.

    Blog section included

    There's a wealth of information to write about when it comes to water purification and associated topics. The Water Purifier WordPress Theme ships with a blog overview you can expand upon as you wish.


    Although water purification has been around for quite a while, not nearly enough people are aware of it and the benefits it offers. The FAQ section is one way to get the right information to your audience.

    Water Analysis Request form

    Key elements on your website, like the call-to-actions, point to the Water Analysis Request form. Which is going to be one very important aspect of your online marketing arsenal.

    Contact page

    Any website should have a contact page. People expect it to be there and it's been on websites since the very beginning. The Water Purifier WordPress Theme of course has one as well.

    Fresh design

    The entire design of the Water Purifier WordPress Theme breathes freshness. Both in the color scheme, the layout all the way up to the imagery and the wavy pattern on the homepage.

    Click-to-call phonenumber

    To top off the design of the Water Purifier WordPress Theme we've added a click-to-call button in the header. This means that people using a smartphone to view your site can call you just by tapping the number.

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  • Mobile optimized with the responsive Water Purifier WordPress Theme

    All elements of the Water Purifier WordPress Theme automatically rearrange themselves when viewed on screens with that have different screen resolutions. Thus it ensures that the visitor to your website will keep looking at a professional design. From the smallest smarthpones to the biggest widescreen monitors. New content that is added to your website will align itself perfectly within the existing website.

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