• Waste Management WordPress Theme

    The perfect WordPress theme for waste and recycling companies

    The Waste Management WordPress Theme showcases your industry leadership and commitment to the communities you serve. It enables you to display your recycling services in a professional manner befitting your company.

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  • The essential theme for recycling centers and waste management companies

    If you operate a waste management company or recycling center the Waste Management WordPress Theme is the perfect solution to go online. Our philosophy is too make it as easy as possible to create a website. To accomplish this we put a lot of effort into the theme for it to make sense for its intended owner.

    The Waste Management WordPress Theme includes a ready-made layout and design. Among its features you'll find placeholder pages for residential, commercial, food and retail, school, construction recycling services. Various forms are available, including a Quote Request Form, and a Roll Off Box and Temporary Bin Order Form. And other recycling center essentials are already in place for you. Making it so much easier to finetune what you believe is necessary for your own recycling website.

    Of course the Waste Management WordPress Theme is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. And includes a phenomenal page builder as well. With an intuitive interface to point, click and adjust what you see on the screen. To top it off, there's a hosted version as well, where all of the images are included for free, making your starting point the exact same site as you see in the demo.

  • Professional design

    Recycling becomes ever more important with each year that passes and so should your presence on the internet be. The Waste Management WordPress Theme makes sure that your window to the online world is a great-looking one.

    Waste Management Services

    With a clean division between type of clients visitors to your website will know where to look when they view the homepage. Each item links to its own individual page where you can go into more detail about the specifics.

    Quote request form

    We've included various forms into the Waste Management WordPress Theme and the Quote Request Form is one of them. Easily expand on the initial setup with the form builder.

    Roll Off Box Order Form

    With the Waste Management WordPress Theme people will also have the ability to order a Roll Off Box in various sizes. You can change any form including this one. Add form fields, delete them or change them.

    Temporary Bin Order Form

    The last form we've included is the Order Form of a temporary bin. It functions basically the same as the one where you can order a roll off box except with a small change in measurements.

    Office location

    On the homepage we've as well on the contact page we've included important address information as well as your office location visualized by a Google Map.

    News articles

    If you're inclined to do so you can write various informative articles in the "news" category. This is WordPress after all. New articles will automtically update both the homepage as well as the individual news section.

    Social media accounts

    We've added a small area to the footer where you can add any social media accounts you're active on. Each account is visualized with the help of a representative icon.

    Click-to-call CTA

    Both in the header as well as the main sidebar you'll find an invitation to get into contact with your waste management company by calling. The phonenumber has a click-to-call functionality associated to it.

  • desktop screenshot Waste Management WordPress Theme
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    tablet screenshot Waste Management WordPress Theme
    mobile phone screenshot Waste Management WordPress Theme
  • A perfect mobile experience for your recycling center

    Whether your clients are on the road with their recycled materials, or they want to fill out a bin request, your site needs to display correctly and professionally. Don't worry, the Waste Management WordPress Theme is fully mobile-optimized and ensures that solid professional looking online experience every time. No matter what device the visitor is on. Your recycling center has never looked this good online!

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