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    Why waste time building your site from scratch when you can fill in this responsive pre-built template and have your complete website finished in no time! The Spa WordPress Theme requires no coding at all.

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  • The Spa WordPress Theme - your business takes the spotlight

    When you spend your day taking your business to the next level, you might not have much time left to learn website design. With the Spa WordPress Theme, all that's missing is your photos, menu and text to get your spa salon website online and attract customers! Our powerful framework makes it a breeze to customize your color scheme and add and change content with no coding necessary. Above all this responsive website template is already mobile-optimized with no extra effort required! We've made it easy for you to grow and maintain your spa salon business through a professional online presence!

  • Spa WordPress Theme - Blog overview

    Blog overview

    Like all of our themes, this Spa WordPress Theme comes with a blog all set up and ready for your content.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Made for salon owners

    Made for salon owners

    The Spa WordPress Theme was designed specifically with the needs of salon owners in mind in order to offer your the best match for your business.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Call-to-actions


    This theme is goal oriented. It's all about getting people committed to the solution you can provide them with clean and concise call-to-actions.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Contact and route planner

    Contact and route planner

    The contact page on this Spa WordPress Theme is set up with space for your contact details and a customizable form. Use modules to easily add photos or a Google map.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Promotions page

    Promotions page

    The Spa WordPress Theme comes with a page for coupons and promotions. Images and buttons can be linked to a PDF file that customers can download or print.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Sleek design

    Sleek design

    The Spa WordPress Theme has a strong design, which is accomplished by the spacing of elements, and the way the colors are being mapped and re-used throughout the site.

    Spa WordPress Theme - FAQ page

    FAQ page

    Instead of just using plain text to highlight your FAQ's, we've built in a feature to create very informative FAQ lists. With a clear distinction between question and answer your FAQ's have never looked this great.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Mailing list sign-up

    Mailing list sign-up

    With the Spa WordPress Theme, visitors are encouraged to sign up for your mailing list with a simple form that can be displayed on any page.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Stunning photo gallery

    Stunning photo gallery

    The WordPress template has got a beautiful gallery feature integrated into it. Point, click and upload your own images and the theme will do the rest.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Products overview

    Products overview

    Show visitors a one-glance overview of the top brands you use and sell at your beauty salon on the products page.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Clean rates overview

    Clean rates overview

    The Spa WordPress Theme contains already configured pricing tables, which can be easily edited to hold your own pricing figures.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Flexible service pages

    Flexible service pages

    Express the details of each of your services in a beautiful service detail page. Add content using one of the many modules available such as texts, images, YouTube videos and image galleries.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Clean service overview

    Clean service overview

    The clean layout of the Spa WordPress Theme let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Promote yourself

    Promote yourself

    The Spa WordPress Theme is integrated with popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to easily share your content. Link to your own pages or even display your Tweets!

    Spa WordPress Theme - Staff overview

    Staff overview

    Become the expert in your area, make your staff feel proud by placing them on the site and sharing something about their background and approach to business.

    Spa WordPress Theme - Convey social proof

    Convey social proof

    Share your best reviews on the Spa WordPress Theme's Testimonials page. Replace the text with your own reviews and they will automatically be styled as you see here.

    Spa WordPress Theme - List open positions

    List open positions

    The Careers page is set up for you to list staff vacancies and offer employment information for those interested in working at your beauty salon.

  • desktop screenshot Spa WordPress Theme
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    tablet screenshot Spa WordPress Theme
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  • Increase Visibility with the Responsive Spa WordPress Theme

    The easiest way to make sure that your spa salon business website will look great and work perfectly on smartphones and tablets is to build your site with the responsive Spa WordPress Theme. Without any extra effort required, our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust your pages to display neatly on any screen size. Mobile visitors will enjoy the same professional look of the desktop version plus convenient features like user-friendly mobile navigation and the ability to simply tap your phone number to dial.

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