• The Roofing WordPress Theme - easily build a website for your roofing business

    Ideal for roof mechanics who want to create a professional online presence, the Roofing WordPress Theme is designed to make it easy and affordable to build a beautiful website without any coding at all. Promote your roofing services on preconfigured pages filled with placeholder content and ready for your own text and images. That's all it takes to get your complete website online! Have some fun customizing the look and feel of this website template using our visual front-end editor. Take a look at the demo site and imagine the possibilities. With the Roofing WordPress Theme, a professional, customized website is within your reach.

  • Our themes decimate turnaround time

    Join thousands of small business owners, from dozens of countries across all continents that went online fast and affordable using our WordPress themes.

  • Built-in blog

    The blog is set up to display your press clippings or news about projects. Regularly updating your blog not only keeps clients and visitors informed, it can help drive traffic to your site and boost rankings.

    For roof mechanics

    The Roofing WordPress Theme was made specifically for the wants and needs of roof mechanics. We've made sure it has the necessary features to boost your bottom line instead of being some generic template.

    Visible call-to-actions

    Prominent calls to actions on nearly every page of the Roofing WordPress Theme encourage visitors to get in touch with you online without making them search for the link.

    Classic photo slider

    The Roofing WordPress Theme's attention-grabbing image slider includes options to add titles, descriptions and links to pages on your website.

    Contact page

    The contact page on the Roofing WordPress Theme encourages visitors to get in touch. List your contact details together with a Google map, route planner and customizable contact form.

    Sleek image gallery

    The WordPress template has got a beautiful gallery feature integrated into it. Point, click and upload your own images and the theme will do the rest.

    Quote request form

    With the Roofing WordPress Theme you enable yourself to proactively invite people to ask for an offer for a certain job. This way you set yourself up for success and maximizing profits through your online channel.

    Stellar service pages

    Share your unique and appealing offerings on the service detail pages of the Roofing WordPress Theme. Simply replace the text and images with your own.

    One-glance overview

    The Roofing WordPress Theme allows you to attract more customers with the theme's pre-built service pages, you get all of this in an easy to use template.

    Promote yourself

    No extra plugins are required to integrate your website with popular social media platforms. The Roofing WordPress Theme allows you to display icons, a Twitter feed, Facebook like wall or a Flickr gallery.

    Reviews section

    Attractively display client feedback with the Roofing WordPress Theme's quote widget. Just paste in your own text and the quotes will be automatically styled with no coding required.

  • mobile responsive Roofing WordPress Theme

    Sleek design for every screen size with the responsive Roofing WordPress Theme

    A sleek mobile version of your website is just part of the package when you start with our responsive Roofing WordPress Theme. Visitors who use smartphones and tablets to browse your pages will enjoy the same professional look, full-width photo galleries and user-friendly functionality of the desktop version. Built with a mobile-optimized design, this website template for roofing businesses automatically adjusts the layout of your content to display beautifully at any screen size, without any additional coding or plugins required. Mobile visitors can simply tap your phone number to dial.

  • Start near the finish line with the Roofing WordPress Theme

    Taking the step towards online promotion not only means your roofing business up for an increase in revenue. It also means you can add more value to peoples lives.

  • Includes Nexus Framework- Applying a “maintenance-first” approach

    To us a “maintenance-first” approach means 2 things. First we base our products on industry standards. That’s why at the heart of our theme we use WordPress. Second on top of that we use a site-builder, a tool now commonly used to build new websites. We use the Nexus Framework as our go-to tool because of its broad appeal in the web-design community. Third we go beyond simply designing a maintenance theme and went into detail in what is necessary for a roof mechanic to promote his- or herself. That’s why you’ll find maintenance specific features we found to be necessary to create the perfect maintenance website.

  • Customizable UI

    You can customize the interface of the Nexus Framework as you see fit. Making its interface work for your website projects in the most efficient way.

    Drag & Drop

    Website builders have become more common in the WordPress community, but none does it as well and as intuitive as the Nexus Framework.

    Draggable Widths

    You'll love the way you make put page layout creation not feel like an arduous task with the help of draggable widths and heights to create awesome whitespace.

    In-line Editing

    Nexus' in-line editor will have you create, adjust and maintain content by quickly editing font sizes, colors, styling. It'll become another web design staple.

    Instant Content

    The Nexus Framework turns a website into a canvas where web designers very quickly can edit, duplicate and re-arrange sections, columns, rows and other content elements.

    Responsive Editing

    Designing the maintenance site for different devices can be done by switching between different previews. Phone, tablet and desktop are all included

  • Speedy turnkey installation

    Speed up your website launch with the Roofing WordPress Theme. The in-built turnkey functionality gives you the ability to save lots of time.

    DIY site maintenance

    Our front end editor let's you easily create multi columned page layouts. A perfect way to enhance your site's appeal.

    Vast color options

    Customize your roofing website with the Roofing WordPress Theme which allows you to fully accessorize your site using a wide range of color options!

    No coding, just configuring

    Style your buttons and text just the way you like them, no coding skills are required. Our unique front-end editing tool makes it easy!

    Packed with features

    Our powerful editing tool allows you to add features and content just by clicking on a blank module and assigning it text, video, a photo gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Google fonts Included

    The Roofing WordPress Theme gives you a vast number of customizations through Google fonts, which offers over 600 font variants.

  • Trusted by roof mechanics in more than 100 countries

  • Thanks again for the best support I've ever had from any theme maker!

    Steve Berchtold - U.S.

    The front end editor for this theme made putting together a website as simple as it could be. We were able to get up and running in a couple days and your customer service has been outstanding with helping us along the way. If you don't want to spend time learning to program and reading through Wordpress manuals, this is for you. Thank you guys!

    Sean Dudayev - U.S.

    Keep up the good work work. By far your theme is the best in the market!

    Zeyad Polus - U.S.