• Remodeling WordPress Theme

    Remodeling WordPress Theme
  • The Remodeling WordPress Theme - a responsive website template for contractors

    The Remodeling WordPress Theme is a theme specifically designed for contractors and the renovation industry. It has all the necessary features to quickly launch a professional looking renovation website. For those wanting to expand on the theme's initial layout, you can. The Remodeling WordPress Theme has an extremely user-friendly front-end editor which necessitates no hand coding whatsoever. With the turnkey installation you'll be up and running in minutes. Combine that with a color picker to fully customize the color scheme of your site and a mobile layout and you have the Remodeling WordPress Theme of your dreams.

  • Plans and Pricing

    For the tech-savvy DIY guy
    *Price is billed once, yearly license renewal is optional.

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included











    Hosting + Theme
    Perfect for the busy entrepreneur
    *Price is billed annually

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included


    Theme Included (value $65!)

    FREE Photopack (value $55!)


    FREE WordPress Installation

    FREE Theme Setup

    FREE Domain Name

    FREE SSL Certificate

    SSD Powered Hosting

    Automated Backups

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - wordpress logo
    Remodeling WordPress Theme - woocommerce logo
    Remodeling WordPress Theme - payment options logos
  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Build sites with the speed of light

    Build sites with the speed of light

    With our products we've helped thousands of clients to get online as fast as possible, with industry specific, turnkey installed WordPress themes.

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Amazingly powerful blog
    Amazingly powerful blog

    Regularly updating the news and events blog not only keeps your clients and visitors informed, it can help drive traffic to your site and boost rankings.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - For contractors
    For contractors

    Before building the Remodeling WordPress Theme we researched the specific business needs of dry cleaners. We've included powerful features to get the most out of your investment in a new website.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Helpful contact page
    Helpful contact page

    One of the most important pages on any website is a clear contact page, and this WordPress theme goes above and beyond with an integrated Google map, route planner and a customizable contact form.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Stylish design
    Stylish design

    The Remodeling WordPress Theme is beautifully designed to offer visitors a wealth of information in an organized manner, while allowing your own character to shine through.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Remodeling questionnaire
    Remodeling questionnaire

    This WordPress theme for construction companies includes a customizable form that allows prospective clients to provide you with important details about a renovation project any time.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Integrated image gallery
    Integrated image gallery

    Showcase your photos on the Remodeling WordPress Theme with two-, three- or four-column image galleries. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the photo in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Highlighted services
    Highlighted services

    Offer an attractive overview of your services on the homepage of the Remodeling WordPress Theme, along with quick navigation to important pages on your website.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Promote your business
    Promote your business

    The WordPress theme is integrated with popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to easily share your content. Link to your own pages or even display your Tweets!

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Team overview
    Team overview

    Add a welcoming touch to your construction company website by introducing your team with a profile photo and short bio. Placeholder images and text are ready for you on the Remodeling WordPress Theme.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Testimonials section
    Testimonials section

    The best way to promote your services with the Remodeling WordPress Theme is to do let others do the talking for you. We've included a stylish testimonials page for you to fill with your own quotes.

  • mobile responsive Remodeling WordPress Theme

    Hassle-free mobile browsing with the responsive Remodeling WordPress Theme

    Make sure that the mobile version of your website conveys the same professionalism and professional atmosphere of your business with the responsive Remodeling WordPress Theme. Its mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display beautifully on any screen size, so visitors accessing your website on smartphones and tablets will experience the same great look and user-friendly functionality of the desktop version. Mobile visitors will enjoy the added benefit of being able to tap your phone number to dial or tap your email address to open a new draft.

  • The online business solution for any contractor

    If you've had to endure a generic website that doesn't help your construction company stand out, today is the day to make a change. That's because the Remodeling WordPress Theme was made specifically to suit the needs of contractors. The visually appealing theme makes it drop-dead easy to build an online presence and grow your renovation business. Just replace the default text and you're done!

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Includes nxs - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    Includes nxs - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    With the Remodeling WordPress Theme we’ve taken theme design a a step further. Because contractors have to realize that it’s not the tool that does the work for you, it’s what you do with it. You see, a formula 1 car is nothing if not driven by a professional. And owning the car is not the goal, getting to the finish line and beating the competition is. So that’s why we’ve not only based our theme on this immensely popular product, but provide contractors with the proper layout which can easily be expanded to suit their individual needs. The biggest costs of getting online resides not in the products used, a theme, hosting etc., but in the hourly rate of the web designer. And we believe it’s in the best interest of both parties involved, designer and business owner, that a product is used that excels in the areas of functionality and technology. That’s the Remodeling WordPress Theme.

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Customizable UI
    Customizable UI

    With an easily adjustable user interface the nxs is the first site building tool that will feel familiar to any web designer very fast and very effective.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Drag & Drop
    Drag & Drop

    We've come a long way since WordPress' inception and with the nxs web designers have the most powerful drag-and-drop editor at their disposal.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Draggable Widths
    Draggable Widths

    Displaying information in a way that's easily digestible is easy with the help of draggable widths. It's another core feature of the theme's visual builder.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - In-line Editing
    In-line Editing

    Adjusting font colors, font sizing, paragraphs versus heading, bold, italic and underlined text. It's all possible using the in-line editor.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Instant Content
    Instant Content

    The editor will allow you to create page layouts almost instantaneous. New rows and columns are a click of a button, as are copying, pasting and duplicating them.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Responsive Editing
    Responsive Editing

    With this Remodeling WordPress Theme you can create layouts for various mobile layouts to create a superbly designed responsive website. And you can quicly switch between them.

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Up and running in minutes
    Up and running in minutes

    Build your renovation site fast with the Remodeling WordPress Theme, which comes with turnkey content to speed up the process of taking your website live!

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Maintenance Made Easy
    Maintenance Made Easy

    With the Remodeling WordPress Theme's unique front-end editing tool, maintenance is both easy and intuitive. Just click on any widget to edit its content and styling.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Infinite color options
    Infinite color options

    Choose a custom color scheme for your renovation website by clicking and dragging on the color picker until you find the perfect shades to complement your company colors.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - No coding needed
    No coding needed

    This website template for construction companies can be styled using our powerful front-end editor. Customize the colors and layout of your website without any coding at all!

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Rich set of modules
    Rich set of modules

    The Remodeling WordPress Theme features several pre-configured elements that can easily be modified to enhance the functionality of your site. You can take advantage of these modules through the easy to use front end editor.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Google fonts integration
    Google fonts integration

    Experience something new with Remodeling WordPress Theme. It comes with Google fonts to make it easier to serve you.

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Photopack

    Don't build your site from scratch

    Did you ever buy a theme that, when activated, looked nothing like the one in the demo... You're not the only one. And it's one of the worst user experience theme providers offer their clients. We do it differently. Not only does this theme ship with the demo content, buy you also have the option to optionally buy the correct licenses for all of the image material. And, when you do, the photos will integrate seamlessly with your site without you having to spend the time necessary to crop, edit, upload and assign them to the right place. That's great value for money for any web designer.

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Auto Installation
    Auto Installation

    With the use of the Remodeling WordPress Theme you’ll be able to not only achieve the exact same result as the demo site. All of the images will be part of your website automatically. No need for scaling, cropping, uploading and other image editing tasks.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - All Image Licenses Included
    All Image Licenses Included

    If either you yourself or a web designer you hire builds a site for your business, you want to make sure you go about things in a professional manner. Meaning, you have obtained the appropriate photo licenses which is the case with this product.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - Photopack Not Required
    Photopack Not Required

    We understand that the images which are part of the demo might not suit your particular style. No worries, nobody forces you to use them and pay the extra amount of money. The photo pack is totally optional and the theme works fine without it.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - One Time Purchase
    One Time Purchase

    The photopack is a one-time purchase. So for the single site you use it you can be rest assured you only have to pay the amount once. After that you have the legal right to use the photos for that domain indefinitely.

  • Remodeling WordPress Theme - Photopack

    Trusted by contractors in more than 100 countries

  • I really like the free trials because it allows us website designers to present a demo website to potential clients with their logo and some pictures to give them an idea of what they can have with out purchasing first. It is a real nice feature I hope sill stay in place.

    Remodeling WordPress Theme - rating
    Remodeling WordPress Theme - rating
    Remodeling WordPress Theme - rating
    Remodeling WordPress Theme - rating
    Remodeling WordPress Theme - rating

    Billy Young - U.S.

  • Theme Specifications

    ThemeRemodeling WordPress Theme
    Latest Release5 September 2018 | 13 days ago | View changelog
    Support ManualSupport Manual, 1743 questions and answers | Open Support Manual
    Widget ReadyYes
    Price$65 (ex vat)
    PhotopackAvailable (optional add-on)
    Support License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Update License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Refund Policy30 days | Terms and Conditions
    PHPRequires PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7.X recommended)
    WordPressTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.9 (recommended)