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  • Increase parental participation with the PTA WordPress Theme

    When it comes to building an informative website for your PTA there's truly no better option available to you than this PTA WordPress Theme. It was designed from the ground up to to display a wealth of information without ever feeling cluttered or overwhelming. Since it sits on top of WordPress you have the easy maintenance that comes with this tool as well as our state-of-the-art front-end editor. This way maintenance of your website becomes an option for anybody involved in your PTA.

    Besides a highly appealing design and an intuitive way of maintaining and expanding your site, the PTA WordPress Theme also ships with ready-made content. We understand that the people that make up a PTA are not web designers. And building your PTA website from scratch will feel like a daunting task. When you activate this WordPress theme the demo content is created as well. That means that you'll also get a clear overview of programs, events and staff information, an integrated News and Volunteer section, a sidebar displaying upcoming events, sponsors, latest news, a subscription form and much more. On top of that we've included a PTA Membership Registration Form, a Contact section, various social media platforms and a way to link to your Amazon Smile account.

    With our Theme and Hosting package you even get all the photos. That way you truly start off with a site that looks exactly like the demo. Of course you can expand upon the initial layout with everything that WordPress has to offer, while we take care of your hosting, WordPress installation and updates, site backups, the domain and everything technical that might otherwise distract you from creating the website to take your PTA to the next level.

  • Gorgeous design

    The PTA WordPress Theme has a dazzling and eye-catching design that will really do justice to all the efforts of the PTA members. This is the way to go online with your PTA site.


    We've included a way to showcase all the School's Programs in a nice overview. You can expand upon this layout or duplicate it as many times as you want to re-use it for something else.


    The PTA WordPress Theme gives you the option to very easily integrate a Google Calendar that adjusts itself to the width of the website. An important tool to keep everybody informed.


    All of the upcoming events can be shown in on your site. We've added them to the sidebar but you can place them anywhere. Individual items can be linked to any page on or of your site.


    Important contact informtion about staff members are placed on a dedicated page. You can add your staff's own contact information and create email links from each person's name.

    Community news

    The PTA WordPress Theme has a great news section. Both on its very own page and right on the homepage. Simply add new posts to the "news" category and both these overviews are automatically extended.

    Volunteer opportunities

    A PTA is all about parental involvement. And there's no better way to achieve this by highlighting opportunities for volunteers. It works exactly like the news section and you can add anything you want to these pages.

    Amazon Smile

    A ready-made link to your Amazon Smile account makes sure that you can have that extra bit of income when people do their shopping at this online retail giant.

    Useful links

    You don't have to copy and paste every piece of information on your PTA site. Important other online resources can be easily linked to with the neat little Useful Links Module.

    Newsletter Subscription

    People who want to stay up-to-date about everything related to the PTA can subscribe to your newsletter. A great service and a good way to increase the involvement of your audience.

    PTA sponsors

    Sponsors of your PTA get their own little piece of online real estate on your site. Each logo can be linked to the sponsors website and if the sidebar is not your preferred place, copy and paste it somewhere else.

    Social media integration

    If your PTA is also active on various social media outlets, the social media accounts module let's you incorporate links to these channels on your site.

    PTA Membership Form

    You can use the online PTA Membership Form to receive this information digitally. The entire form is already setup but each form field can be changed and new ones can be added.


    Any website needs a contact section. People expect it to be there. So of course we've added one to the PTA WordPress Theme, complete with a working contact form and a the most important address information.

  • desktop screenshot PTA WordPress Theme
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  • Outdated design is a thing of the past with the responsive PTA WordPress Theme

    A PTA website that looks outdated and created by your nephew are a thing of the past. With the PTA WordPress Theme you'll not only get a highly professional looking design and layout, but the theme is also fully mobile optimized. Every parent has some mobile device they use to go on the interenet. So there's absolutely no reason at all why your PTA website should not adjust its layout based on the device being used to view it. And the PTA WordPress Theme does exactly this without you ever having to think about it.

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