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    Running a preschool is wholly different from maintaining a website. Still you want to exude trust and convey the special nature of your business. The Preschool WordPress theme is the perfect solution that will live up to the challenge. Why. It has the most intuitive user interface of any WordPress theme out there. This interface has been specifically designed to enable people without any website skills and / or knowledge to perform basic website maintenance tasks. Don't settle for less when it's your online business we're talking about.

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  • The Preschool WordPress theme - create both a playful and professional online presence

    The Preschool WordPress theme enables quality oriented preschools to obtain that professional online presence, yet maintain the ability to convey the playful nature of their trade. It's packed with business features which can be easily edited and expanded to suit the specific needs of the individual preschool for which the theme will be used. It has a catchy preschool program overview with informative detail pages, basic pages like a contact section and team overview and powerfull tools like the Google calendar option, image galleries, and an online registration form with downloadable CSV file. The Preschool WordPress theme is fully responsive and let's you upload your logo, social accounts with easy as well as change the overall color scheme in mere seconds. It's the perfect business solution for any preschool out there.

  • Appealing image gallery

    Feature your best photos by adding an image gallery to any page on the Preschool WordPress Theme. Clicking on any thumbnail opens the photo in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Beautifully designed

    Right out of the box, the Preschool WordPress Theme your website will have a slick, professional look and practical business features for child care expert.

    Contact page

    This feature-rich Contact page includes an integrated Google map and contact form. Once customized with your contact info, visitors won't have any trouble reaching you!

    Overview of services

    Allow your visitors to see an at-a-glance overview of your services, directly from the homepage of the Preschool WordPress Theme.

    Upcoming events

    With the Preschool WordPress Theme you can list important events and link them to separate news pages.

    Future schools

    A kindergarten is only the first preparatory step for a solid education. Having strong ties with leading schools in the vicinity is just as important as showing them on your website.

    Expose upcoming events

    The Preschool WordPress Theme allows you to integrate a powerful Google calendar so that visitors to your website can keep up to date with important dates and events.

    Made for child care experts

    Opposed to the average WordPress theme you can find on the internet, this Preschool WordPress Theme was designed specifically to create a professional online presence for child care experts.

    Online child registration

    The Preschool WordPress Theme has an online registration form for new admissions. This dynamic and expandable form makes hard to read handwriting a thing of the past.

    Featured services

    Allow your visitors to see an at-a-glance overview of your services, directly from the homepage of the Preschool WordPress Theme.

    Introduce your business

    Clients will be curious to learn about your team of child care experts before trusting you. Introduce your staff with a photo and short bio on the about page of the Preschool WordPress Theme.

    Landscaping design tips

    Your latest informative articles are automatically added to your homepage, making sure the site stays fresh and up to date.

    Powerful blog theme

    The Preschool WordPress Theme would not be complete without a section for featured articles and updates about your business, which is why this theme comes with a WordPress blog.

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  • Take the next step online with the responsive Preschool WordPress theme

    We have long moved away from handcoded websites made from scratch. A powerful multi-faceted framework is the core engine of this Preschool WordPress theme. But, from all the beauty residing in the technical prowess of this product, there is one key element that has become a prerequisite for online professionalism in this day and age. It is called "responsiveness" and means the site adapts to the screen resolution of the device with which it is viewed. We've made sure that all of the elements in the Preschool WordPress theme are fully responsive, taking your site, and the experience it provides for your visitors, to the next level.

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