• The Pizzeria WordPress Theme - a pre-built website template for the pizzeria industry

    The Pizzeria WordPress Theme is a full-blown content driven WP theme. It is entirely focused on the demands of restaurant owners. The theme's layout and design has a distinctive professional feel to it while maintaining an intuitive navigation structure. We believe these set of features makes this Pizzeria WordPress Theme the logical choice for anybody working in this industry.

  • Reduce your design turnaround time

    The speed with which you'll be able to get a new site online is unsurpassed when using our unique themes. Start building websites with the speed of light.

  • Classic blog integrated

    The Pizzeria WordPress Theme features a blog section to share tips, news and articles. We've even included a few sample posts to get you started.

    Catering form

    The Pizzeria WordPress Theme includes a page with a customizable catering form. Add fields as needed so you'll get the important info you require from visitors who submit catering requests online.

    For restaurant owners

    Before building the Pizzeria WordPress Theme we researched the specific business needs of dry cleaners. We've included powerful features to get the most out of your investment in a new website.

    Eye-catching call-to-actions

    Elegantly designed marketing outings are accompanied with clear call-to-actions, making sure your website actively supports your business goals.

    Contact us page

    The contact page is one of the most important aspects of your site. It contains a clear map, your address and a form by default. Just like the other pages this can easily be extend according to your wishes.

    Promotions page

    The Pizzeria WordPress Theme allows you to link images or buttons to PDF files that customers can download and print, a great way to offer coupons online and boost new and repeat business.

    Promote your specials

    We've included a spot on the homepage of the Pizzeria WordPress Theme to feature a current special so customers will see it right away.

    Neat menu page

    Every professional pizzeria will have a plethora of dining options. With the Pizzeria WordPress Theme you have the ability to create a mouth watering page on this specific subject.

    Bold, professional design

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, the top-notch look-and-feel of the Pizzeria WordPress Theme will prove to be the perfect solution.

    Lightbox photo gallery

    The WordPress template has got a beautiful gallery feature integrated into it. Point, click and upload your own images and the theme will do the rest.

    Menu page

    Neatly display your menu on the dedicated page of this WordPress theme for pizzerias. Just replace the text with your own menu items and prices.

    Promote your business

    No extra plugins are required to integrate your website with popular social media platforms. The Pizzeria WordPress Theme allows you to display icons, a Twitter feed, Facebook like wall or a Flickr gallery.

    Important trust factors

    The best way to promote your services with the Pizzeria WordPress Theme is to do let others do the talking for you. We've included a stylish testimonials page for you to fill with your own quotes.

  • mobile responsive Pizzeria WordPress Theme

    Responsive design at your finger tips with the Pizzeria WordPress Theme

    We have long moved away from static handcodes websites. Having a website in this day and age means servicing all kinds of people with all kinds of devices. Whether it is a mobile phone or a desktop you want to provide your visitors with the best user experience possible. The way to do so is with a so-called "responsive" website. With the responsive Pizzeria WordPress Theme you set yourself up for online success, being able to convert visitors into customers.

  • Solid and sturdy, the road to the next level of online revenue

    Don't just rely on word of mouth, create a professional website for your pizzeria business with the Pizzeria WordPress Theme! This pre-built web template is ready for your own text and photos to help you get your services online fast.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - The Pizzeria WordPress Theme - the future off WYSIWYG

    The Pizzeria WordPress Theme is built with the Nexus Framework. In the hands of a skilled web designer, the Nexus Framework is an awesome website creation tool that’ll spoil you. Though it has a pretty steep learning curve, once you’re comfortable around the controls, things will feel very intuitive. It very much mimics the way you would use a word processing tool to create in fill in a page layout, but specifically geared towards web design. So if you’re familiar with those kind of tools, you’ll feel right at home using the Nexus Framework. Another huge feature of using Nexus is not so much the product itself but its place within the premium theme industry. Nexus Themes, the company behind the Nexus Framework, has been around for quite some time and has been at the forefront of theme development. The Nexus Framework is their flagship tool. And the products have garnered a huge share of devoted followers, both end-users and web designers.

  • Customizable UI

    The Nexus Framework's interface allows you to customize it so you can finetune the Pizzeria WordPress Theme as fast as possible the way you want to.

    Drag & Drop

    The Nexus Framework is knows for it's amazing interface where both drag-and-drop and zooming functions are state-of-the-art web design tools.

    Draggable Widths

    Presenting information for restaurant owners in way that attracts new clients is easily achieved by dragging widths and heights with the visual builder.

    In-line Editing

    While WordPress users might be accustomed to editing content in the backend, using the in-line editing options will truly feel like a breath of fresh air.

    Instant Content

    The editor will allow you to create page layouts almost instantaneous. New rows and columns are a click of a button, as are copying, pasting and duplicating them.

    Responsive Editing

    Making a solid responsive website for restaurant owners is easier than every with the help of switching between different layout previews.

  • Turnkey

    Create and publish your site fast with the Pizzeria WordPress Theme. It features turnkey content to ensure that you're near completion--upon installation.

    State-of-the-art maintenance

    The amazing front end editor will shatter your perception of what previously could be achieved with a WordPress theme.

    Choose your own colors

    We have ensured the color of the website will always match the colors used by your business. Simply pick the ones you like using the integrated color picker.

    Eliminates coding

    Nearly every element of the Pizzeria WordPress Theme can be styled using our powerful front-end editor. Customize the look and layout of your website without any coding at all!

    Easily add features

    You won't have to worry about coding or complicated web interfaces--not with the Pizzeria WordPress Theme. With our drag and drop modules, you can customize your site within minutes.

    Integrate your fonts

    The Pizzeria WordPress Theme comes with a variety of web safe Google fonts already installed, and it's simple to add additional font families if you don't see one you like.

  • Trusted by restaurant owners in more than 100 countries

  • Many thanks for the perfect support and the promptly solution for the problem. To be honest - never experienced such a great support in this area - will strongly support you in actively promoting your company!

    Peter Heck - Germany

    Thank you for blessing me and my family, followers, and clients with this template! It is perfect and shows how smart, creative, and in-tune you are. Technology has been necessary for me but has never been easy. I help people bust through blocks to improve their lives. Thank you for helping me with my weak spot, so I can do that more powerfully, and doing that so patiently :)

    Annie Botticelli - U.S.

    May you be blessed in your business - what a talent you have to come up with such wonderful designs.

    Sarah Corsar - U.K.