• The Physiotherapy WordPress Theme - the professional online solution for physiotherapists

    You want your medical website to look as good as your work does, but a lack of time or coding skills shouldn't keep from you achieving professional, custom web design for your online services. With the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme, most of the work is already done for you, so all that's left to do is upload your own photos and replace the text. Its clean, elegant design will serve as an understated backdrop for your services, and personalizing the color scheme is simple and manageable. Take a look at the demo site, and envision the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme with your own signature flair.

  • Start building sites faster than ever

    Join thousands of web designers who use our WordPress themes to create stunning-looking and professional business oriented websites in minutes.

  • Full blown blog section

    Focused on delivering content the best way possible, the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme is built to help you generate relevant traffic to your site by easily adding blog posts on a regular basis.

    For physiotherapists

    Before creating the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme, we researched to find out the specific business needs of physiotherapists in order to offer you the best match for your business.


    On every page of this WordPress theme for physiotherapists, visitors are encouraged to take action and get in touch. Mobile visitors can just tap on your phone number to dial.

    Contact options

    The Contact page on the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme offers much more than just your contact details, with an integrated Google map, route planner and customizable contact form.

    Insurance information

    The Physiotherapy WordPress Theme includes a dedicated page for all the important info about insurance matters that patients need to know before planning their visit.

    Polished, professional design

    Your visitors will be able to quickly navigate between pages and get into contact with you with the proper type of information set in the correct spot with the correct kind of contrast.

    FAQ section

    Offer answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme's FAQ page. It's filled with placeholder text and ready for your own content.

    Link to printable PDF's

    This WordPress theme for physiotherapists allows you to include PDF forms that visitors can click to download and print.

    Detailed service pages

    We've set up the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme with pages for details about each of your services and business solutions to help get your website online fast.

    Service pages

    The clean layout of the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.

    Go social!

    The template includes icons for the most popular social media platforms. Use them to link to your pages, simply add your profile links and connect!

    Team overview

    Add a personal touch to this WordPress theme for physiotherapy practices by introducing each staff member with a photo and short bio.

    Reviews section

    Blowing your own horn is not nearly as effective as letting somebody else do the talking. The Testimonials page is a great tool to achieve this goal.

  • mobile responsive Physiotherapy WordPress Theme

    Increase Visibility with the Responsive Physiotherapy WordPress Theme

    Treat visitors to gorgeous full-width photos and intuitive navigation when you build your online portfolio with the responsive Physiotherapy WordPress Theme. There's no need to search for plug-ins or write custom coding thanks to our mobile-optimized design. The layout of your content will automatically adjust to display beautifully on every type of browser or handheld device. You can add image galleries, posts and pages with confidence knowing that the mobile version of your photography website will always look great on smartphones and tablets too.

  • Beautifully present your physiotherapy practice online with the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme

    With reduced ratings and heightened competition running a successful physiotherapy practice is a daunting task indeed. Instead of fighting these economic circumstances business owners should embrace the need to take the initiative. One of them is having a professional online presence. For skilled physiotherapists there's no better solution in the market than this Physiotherapy WordPress Theme. It will prove to be enormous value for money in getting your business to the next level and staying ahead of the crowd.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - The Physiotherapy WordPress Theme - the future off WYSIWYG

    As the foundation for the theme we’ve chosen the most popular content management system in the world. WordPress currently powers over a quarter of the world’s websites so that choice was an easy one to make. On top of that we’ve chosen the Nexus Framework as our go-to solution to build and design websites. Just as with WordPress it has solid community and physiotherapists are bound to find a web designer with the skills necessary to efficiently go online. So what are the core features that make up the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme?

  • Customizable UI

    With an easily adjustable user interface the Nexus Framework is the first site building tool that will feel familiar to any web designer very fast and very effective.

    Drag & Drop

    It's easier than ever to organize your content in the Nexus Framework. Just drag and drop! You can even zoom out and re-arrange content from a bird's eye view.

    Draggable Widths

    Displaying information in a way that's easily digestible is easy with the help of draggable widths. It's another core feature of the theme's visual builder.

    In-line Editing

    With the Nexus Framework web designers will finally have an all powerful way to edit and adjust content when they are busy designing the site as well.

    Instant Content

    Create page layouts is very quick and very easy. Drag, drop, copy, paste, duplicate the sections, rows and columns. Web design has never felt this easy.

    Responsive Editing

    Making a solid responsive website for physiotherapists is easier than every with the help of switching between different layout previews.

  • Online in minutes

    Get it built quickly with the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme, which boasts a turnkey installation ensuring that upon installation, you're already near completion.

    Super easy maintenance

    Save time with the Physiotherapy WordPress Theme. It is easy to maintain, thanks to the handy built-in drag and drop editing tool.

    All colors from the rainbow

    The Physiotherapy WordPress Theme is an attractive template that goes well with most any color. To accent your website, simply choose a color from our built-in color picker.

    No coding needed

    You'll be amazed by how much you can customize on this website template without any coding at all using our powerful front-end editing tool. Style colors and text with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Add content with modules

    The business features mentioned are just a preview of the powerful functionality available to you when you use this theme. Choose from a variety of modules to add exciting content to your website.

    Google fonts integration

    The Physiotherapy WordPress Theme allows you to integrate Google fonts on top of the standard fonts that you may already possess.

  • What our clients say about us

  • I really love working with these WordPress themes. It's so easy to use: add all those widgets and drag them around the framework. Front end editing makes it very easy for my customers to maintain their own website.

    Sabine van Erp - Netherlands

    Thanks to your stunning theme my stats have gone through the roof and I have had lots of feedback complementing me on the navigation ease and how great it looks on a mobile. I am thrilled with the outcome.

    Tracy Lilley - Australia

    Everybody loves my site, you guys have done a super job with your themes, I cannot thank you enough!!

    Alina Mihai - U.S.