• Notary WordPress Theme

    A WordPress theme to build a notary website with a user-centric focus

    The Notary WordPress Theme let's you convey your notary expertise in such a way it empathizes with your target audience. Making sure you're phone starts ringing with new leads.

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  • The Notary WordPress Theme was exclusively made for this type of legal services

    From the very few Notary WordPress Themes available, none come as close to really reflect the content necessary to go online as this theme. It's always been our primary goal to create themes that truly reflect the business they're meant for. That way you can be sure that when you build you're business website, you can do so as fast and easy as possible. If you ask us the notary industry is no exception to this rule.

    And that's exactly the reason that in this theme you can find services specifically related to notaries, a call-to-action that reflect the goal you would want for your own website, trust icons to include your notary accreditations and affiliations, a page to include yourself and your team, notary rates, an FAQ section, and other staples like social media integration, a blog section, contact page and click-to-call phonenumber.

    On top of that a very intuitive website builder is included, making it manageable for end users to maintain their own website and / or enabling web designers to relay responsibility of content creation towards their client. Besides the included builder, the Notary WordPress Theme has a turnkey installation. This means that upon activation all of the content you see in the demo and the entire configuration of the builder is available. This ensures you don't have to recreate every single page, navigation item, piece of text, etc. And you can truly copy and paste each pre-designed widget and reuse what you see. Don't settle for less for your own notary business, when you have the Notary WordPress Theme at your disposal.

  • Professional design

    A WordPress theme should have a professional looking design. And you can be sure the Notary WordPress Theme adheres to web design best practices and everything is in the right place.

    Notary service overview

    The Notary WordPress Theme has a clear service overview directly on the homepage. Visitors to your website can navigate easily to detail pages. With simple copy and past commands you can extend and modify this service overview section.

    Call-to-action in the right place

    A website is far more than an online business card. The Notary WordPress Theme will help your notary services to actually bring in more leads. And one way it achieves this is by placing the right call-to-action in the right places throughout the theme.

    Mobile notary service

    Eye catching elements draw the eyes towards mobile notary services the main call-to-action inviting people to get into contact with you.

    Trust icons

    Trust icons let you establish a connection with your audience in which you portray your company as being, well, trustworthy and professional. You can do so by neatly displaying accrediations and affiliations.

    Social media integration

    If you're also online on various social media platforms, the Notary WordPress Theme let's you connect these social media outlets with the help of a neat little widget.

    Team overview

    You'd be surprised how important the About Page is for any website. It seems like people are really interested in the person behind a certain company. With the in-built website builder you can embellish any page including this one as you see fit.

    Notary rates overview

    Rates is another one of those important pieces of information that should be clearly displayed on your website. We've included one that's nicely designed. You can also opt for the more traditional-looking table design.

    FAQ section

    Your business is a complex one, at least for the people you're servicing. A FAQ section can be tremendously helpful to answer those common questions and further establish yourself as the professional they are looking for.

    Integrated news overview

    A news section can serve as an important tool in your marketing arsenal. Very few notaries will go beyond their initial website and really go deep into content marketing. You can if you choose to by adding blogs to this section.

    Contact page with form

    Of course the Notary WordPress Theme has a contact page, like any business website should. On it you can find the required place for your general contact information, a Google Maps and a contact form.

    Click-to-call phonenumber

    By placing a click-to-call phonenumber prominently in the main navigation, this important piece of information is always visible. Users who navigate your site using a smartphon can simply tap the button to open up their native phone app and start calling.

  • desktop screenshot Notary WordPress Theme
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    tablet screenshot Notary WordPress Theme
    mobile phone screenshot Notary WordPress Theme
  • The Notary WordPress Theme is has mobile optimized that works out-of-the-box

    You can be sure that the Notary WordPress Theme will look good on all devices out there. Building a site that adheres to mobile standards is more difficult than you'd might expect. That's why we've build our framework in such a way that it works around the most common issues of images looking weird when viewed in portrait or landscape mode. The same goes for paragrapsh of text in multi-columned layouts. So whatever piece of content you create, the Notary WordPress Theme has got your back and will strive to make it look good from smartphone to widescreen monitor.

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