• The Non-profit WordPress Theme - a stylish ngo theme

    One crucial aspect of the success of any business is having a professional and effective website. The Non-profit WordPress Theme was designed to implement this goal. The theme has a rich set of features that will fit your business. Take a look at the detailed list of highlighed features below and see for yourself that the Non-profit WordPress Theme is the ideal way to promote your ngo services.

  • Focused on getting you online

    Join thousands of small business owners, from dozens of countries across all continents that went online fast and affordable using our WordPress themes.

  • Latest news section

    The blog is set up to display your press clippings or news about projects. Regularly updating your blog not only keeps clients and visitors informed, it can help drive traffic to your site and boost rankings.

    For board members

    Increase customer expectations with Non-profit WordPress Theme which was made specifically for board members.

    Visible call-to-actions

    Customers won't have to search to take the next step and get in contact with you with clear calls to action prominently displayed on every page of the Non-profit WordPress Theme.

    Contact page

    The Non-profit WordPress Theme's contact page is built with useful features like an integrated Google map, route planner and a contact form that can be customized to suit your needs.

    Events listing

    The Non-profit WordPress Theme has a dedicated page for the various events your business might host for potential clients.

    Stunning photo gallery

    When adding a photo gallery, choose from a two-, three- or four-column layout. Clicking on any thumbnail opens the image in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Services feature

    The clean layout of the Non-profit WordPress Theme let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.

    Invite Volunteers

    Make it easy for volunteers to get involved with the Non-profit WordPress Theme which features a volunteer page, along with a volunteer application.

    Accept Donations

    Accept donations, directly from your website with the Non-profit WordPress Theme which delivers so many benefits!

  • mobile responsive Non-profit WordPress Theme

    Solid mobile web design with the responsive Non-profit WordPress Theme

    Visitors will use all types of web browsers and handheld devices to view your ngo services online. With the responsive Non-profit WordPress Theme, you can feel confident that your state-of-the-art website will make a great impression even on small screens. Without any additional coding or plugins required, this mobile-optimized website template will automatically adjust the the layout of your text and images to display beautifully on any screen size. As you add new content and new mobile devices enter the market over the years, your website will continue to treat visitors to the same professional look and functionality of the desktop version.

  • A professional ngo website that conveys authority

    If the desire to design the perfect website for your non profit organization has you stressing, not to fret. Why? The Non-profit WordPress Theme aready comes with everything that you need to communicate your business' strengths. Best of all, since you need only replace the default content with your own, you can be up and running with little downtime, if any!

  • Includes Nexus Framework- Applying a “non-profit-first” approach

    To us a “non-profit-first” approach means 2 things. First we base our products on industry standards. That’s why at the heart of our theme we use WordPress. Second on top of that we use a site-builder, a tool now commonly used to build new websites. We use the Nexus Framework as our go-to tool because of its broad appeal in the web-design community. Third we go beyond simply designing a non-profit theme and went into detail in what is necessary for a board member to promote his- or herself. That’s why you’ll find non-profit specific features we found to be necessary to create the perfect non-profit website.

  • Customizable UI

    Finetune the Non-profit WordPress Theme quickly and effectively with the help of an user interface that can be modified and customized to your personal web design workflow

    Drag & Drop

    Once a web designer will use the drag-and-drop interface it'll quickly become apparent just how powerful building websites with the Nexus Framework is.

    Draggable Widths

    Building a site with the Non-profit WordPress Theme is more than simply putting in the right content. You can create gorgeous white space layouts using draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    With the Nexus Framework web designers will finally have an all powerful way to edit and adjust content when they are busy designing the site as well.

    Instant Content

    Often times, designing a site for a non profit organization has repetitive steps to be taken. This is made more easy with copying, pasting and duplicating content elements.

    Responsive Editing

    Making a solid responsive website for board members is easier than every with the help of switching between different layout previews.

  • Up and running in minutes

    Complete your ngo site in a jiffy with the Non-profit WordPress Theme. It comes with turnkey content to speed up the process of publishing your website!

    Turbocharged site maintenance

    With our unique front-end editing tool, maintenance is both easy and intuitive. Personalize this Non-profit WordPress Theme and keep it updated without ever having to write any custom coding.

    More color options

    Changing the color scheme on the Non-profit WordPress Theme to match your company colors is as easy as clicking and dragging on the color picker to find the perfect hue.

    No hand coding

    Edit your website easily with the Non-profit WordPress Theme which saves you from having to use tedious coding.

    Packed with options

    Our Non-profit WordPress Theme allows you to choose which information should appear on every page. The theme comes ready out-of-the-box with several suggested modules already in place!

    Vast set of Google fonts

    This WP template for non profit organizations comes with several web-safe Google fonts installed to give you more choices in customizing the look and feel of your site. If you don't see one you like, you can easily add more Google font families.

  • What our clients say about us

  • ThnX for helping out, your support is brilliant!

    Marcella Wijnhoff - Germany

    We have developed an excellent site based on a robust CMS. My experience is that the support, when necessary, was fast, accurate en clear.

    Willemien Melis - Netherlands

    This template is freaking gorgeous! I am going to start purchasing a lot of these themes and building them out for clients, just brilliant!

    Kris Kancler - U.S.