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    If you've had to endure a generic website that doesn't help your marketing agency stand out, today is the day to make a change. That's because the Marketing Agency WordPress Theme was made specifically to suit the needs of marketeers. The visually appealing theme makes it drop-dead easy to build an online presence and grow your marketing agency business. Just replace the default text and you're done!

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  • The Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - a convenient template for marketing agency websites

    The Marketing Agency WordPress Theme packs the best of both worlds: a professional design and layout with a ton of features. With it's turnkey installation you'll be up and running in no time. We've spend an inordinate amount of time in the layout of the Marketing Agency WordPress Theme. This is the definitive WordPress theme for professional marketeers.

  • Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Blog overview

    Blog overview

    It's WordPress so the Marketing Agency WordPress Theme can't do without a good blog overview, which also is an excellent way to attract more visitors.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Made for marketeers

    Made for marketeers

    Before we began designing the Marketing Agency WordPress Theme, we went to marketeers to learn which features they'd like to see in a theme for this industry.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Contact section

    Contact section

    While a contact form is the staple of any website, it is often the most neglected page. Not so for the Marketing Agency WordPress Theme. It goes beyond the standard contact page functionality.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Inspire trust

    Inspire trust

    The Marketing Agency WordPress Theme comes ready made with a trust icon section. Simply add icons for the associations you belong to and become an instant authority in the mind of your users!

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - User-friendly design

    User-friendly design

    The Marketing Agency WordPress Theme is designed with an effective, simple layout that allows your main proposition to steal the show. Use as is or personalize the color scheme to suit your style.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Portfolio page

    Portfolio page

    The quick navigation shows individual portfolio pages. These pages are carefully set up for maximum impact and have beautiful image galleries to show of your talent.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Detail pages

    Detail pages

    Share your unique and appealing offerings on the service detail pages of the Marketing Agency WordPress Theme. Simply replace the text and images with your own.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Service overview

    Service overview

    A clear service overview let's visitors know immediate where to go if they want to find detailed explanations.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Grow your followers

    Grow your followers

    The Marketing Agency WordPress Theme comes packaged with icons for the most popular social media websites, ready for you to link to your pages and making it easy for clients to stay connected.

    Marketing Agency WordPress Theme - Team page

    Team page

    The Marketing Agency WordPress Theme has a built in about page where you can list your team of experts. This is truly a must have if you want to add some more trust to your site.

  • desktop screenshot Marketing Agency WordPress Theme
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    tablet screenshot Marketing Agency WordPress Theme
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  • Superb mobile optimization with the responsive Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

    Conveying professionalism may come natural to you as a professional in the daily routine of your business. Faced with the day to day task of helping individuals with the various challenges they need your specialized skill set for may detract you from the necessity of a solid responsive design. Provided you know what that means in the first place. We're professionals in the WordPress theme business, which means all of our themes adhere to the industries standard in displaying website's on various devices. Your Marketing Agency WordPress Theme is no exception to this rule. Your professionalism will keep shining through with this responsive theme, now and in the future.

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      Each product has as its context a business oriented goal, not some generic design.

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      We take away technical hurdles instead of forcing you to hire an expensive expert.