• Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme
  • The Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - simply designed so your makeup artist business can shine

    The Makeup Artist WordPress Theme is the obvious choice if you want to move forward with your business and move online. It has everything you expect from a WordPress theme designed to support this specific branche. Your website is your online window to clients looking high quality and professionalism. You're sure to make the right first impression with the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme.

  • Plans and Pricing

    For the tech-savvy DIY guy

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included











    Hosting + Theme
    Perfect for the busy entrepreneur

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included


    Theme Included (value $65!)

    FREE Photopack (value $55!)


    FREE WordPress Installation

    FREE Theme Setup

    FREE Domain Name

    FREE SSL Certificate

    SSD Powered Hosting

    Automated Backups

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    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - woocommerce logo
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  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Fast, Faster, FASTEST

    Fast, Faster, FASTEST

    With our products we've helped thousands of clients to get online as fast as possible, with industry specific, turnkey installed WordPress themes.

  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Service listing
    Service listing

    On the homepage of the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme, visitors will get an overview of your services in one glance. Clicking on a thumbnail goes directly to that service page.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Portfolio page
    Portfolio page

    Offer quick navigation to detailed project pages with an image and short description of each project on the Projects Overview page. Clicking on any thumbnail links to a page with more information.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - A great blogger theme
    A great blogger theme

    The Makeup Artist WordPress Theme is an excellent theme to create appealing and eye-catching content. Your individual blog items are nicely highlighted on your homepage and a dedicated "blog" page.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Client testimonials
    Client testimonials

    Blowing your own horn is not nearly as effective as letting somebody else do the talking. The Testimonials page is a great tool to achieve this goal.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Ongoing rates
    Ongoing rates

    Outline your rate structure and services on the dedicated page of the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme. Add rows, columns or price charts as needed.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Introduce yourself
    Introduce yourself

    A solid about us page let's your visitors know where you stand from a professional viewpoint, so it's only logical this theme incorporates it.. And you'll have the tools to do this with more than just plain text.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Stunning photo gallery
    Stunning photo gallery

    No website can do without beautiful image galleries. So our Makeup Artist WordPress Theme has the option to create them quickly and simply. No external plugins are required so you're sure they integrate perfectly and symmetrically on every page.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Made for makeup artists
    Made for makeup artists

    The Makeup Artist WordPress Theme was designed specifically for makeup artists. So chances are that anything your beauty website might need is already there - at your fingertips!

  • mobile responsive Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

    Impress mobile visitors with the responsive Makeup Artist WordPress Theme

    This Makeup Artist WordPress Theme is fully responsive and ready for use across all screen sizes and mobile devices. Your content will be displayed in a user-friendly responsive layout with no extra effort required! Whether your clients are searching from home on a laptop or from their mobile, your new website will look great and show visitors they information they want to see.

  • The online business solution for any makeup artist

    A professional online presence can make the difference for customers when choosing a makeup artist in your area. Start with the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme and get your services online fast without any coding at all! This pre-built WordPress theme is designed specifically for makeup artists and ready for your own text and photos.

  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Includes Nexus Builder - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    Includes Nexus Builder - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    To us a “beauty-first” approach means 2 things. First we base our products on industry standards. That’s why at the heart of our theme we use WordPress. Second on top of that we use a site-builder, a tool now commonly used to build new websites. We use the Nexus Builder as our go-to tool because of its broad appeal in the web-design community. Third we go beyond simply designing a beauty theme and went into detail in what is necessary for a makeup artist to promote his- or herself. That’s why you’ll find beauty specific features we found to be necessary to create the perfect beauty website.

  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Customizable UI
    Customizable UI

    Efficient website building and editing lies at the heart of the Nexus Builder with the help of an interface that can be customized to your personal needs.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Drag & Drop
    Drag & Drop

    Once a web designer will use the drag-and-drop interface it'll quickly become apparent just how powerful building websites with the Nexus Builder is.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Draggable Widths
    Draggable Widths

    Going into CSS to create whitespace with paddings and margins is an absolute thing of the past with the inclusion of draggable widths and heights.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - In-line Editing
    In-line Editing

    Simply click into your page and start typing to add new text content. Highlight text and adjust its font, color, sizing, styling and more. It's awesome!

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Instant Content
    Instant Content

    The editor will allow you to create page layouts almost instantaneous. New rows and columns are a click of a button, as are copying, pasting and duplicating them.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Responsive Editing
    Responsive Editing

    The Nexus Builder let's you create responsive layouts within the same environment for different mobile devices and check them to preserve that quality design.

  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Turnkey

    Our quick turnkey installation means that your website will be up and running within minutes of activating your theme, with the initial design, layout and content from the demo site in place.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - State-of-the-art maintenance
    State-of-the-art maintenance

    Maintaining and enhancing your website is as easy as could be using our rule-based layout engine and front-end editor. Custom headers, footers and sidebars can be created without writing any code.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Personalize colors
    Personalize colors

    Customize the color palette on your makeup artist website by clicking and dragging on the color picker. Your unique color scheme will be instantly integrated throughout the site.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - No hand coding
    No hand coding

    Nearly every element of the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme can be styled using our powerful front-end editor. Customize the look and layout of your website without any coding at all!

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Modules

    Individual pages can be expanded at will with all sorts of functionality. Images, galleries and videos are just a few of the options available right out-of-the-box.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Integrated Google fonts
    Integrated Google fonts

    Get your users' attention effectively with the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme, which offers a wide variation of Google fonts to enhance your site's overall design.

  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Photopack

    Save time, get the photopack

    Although the Nexus Builder is an immensely powerful tool to create a website for a cosmetic company it still takes a lot of work to do so. Especially if you have to start from scratch. This theme provides you with the option to buy an additional photopack. With the help of this photopack you can recreate the theme exactly like the theme demo because all of photos are included.

  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Auto Installation
    Auto Installation

    With the use of the Makeup Artist WordPress Theme you’ll be able to not only achieve the exact same result as the demo site. All of the images will be part of your website automatically. No need for scaling, cropping, uploading and other image editing tasks.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - All Image Licenses Included
    All Image Licenses Included

    If either you yourself or a web designer you hire builds a site for your business, you want to make sure you go about things in a professional manner. Meaning, you have obtained the appropriate photo licenses which is the case with this product.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Photopack Not Required
    Photopack Not Required

    We understand that the images which are part of the demo might not suit your particular style. No worries, nobody forces you to use them and pay the extra amount of money. The photo pack is totally optional and the theme works fine without it.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - One Time Purchase
    One Time Purchase

    The photopack is a one-time purchase. So for the single site you use it you can be rest assured you only have to pay the amount once. After that you have the legal right to use the photos for that domain indefinitely.

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  • Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - Photopack

    Trusted by makeup artists in more than 100 countries

  • I really like the free trials because it allows us website designers to present a demo website to potential clients with their logo and some pictures to give them an idea of what they can have with out purchasing first. It is a real nice feature I hope sill stay in place.

    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - rating
    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - rating
    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - rating
    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - rating
    Makeup Artist WordPress Theme - rating

    Billy Young - U.S.

  • Theme Specifications

    ThemeMakeup Artist WordPress Theme
    Latest Release24 May 2018 | 0 days ago | View changelog
    Support ManualSupport Manual, 1689 questions and answers | Open Support Manual
    Widget ReadyYes
    Price$65 (ex vat)
    PhotopackAvailable (optional add-on)
    Support License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Update License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Refund Policy30 days | Terms and Conditions
    PHPRequires PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7.X recommended)
    WordPressTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.9 (recommended)