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  • The Logistics WordPress Theme - the perfect theme for logistics specialists

    Designed with useful business features for all types of logistics specialists, the Logistics WordPress Theme is an ideal website template for any logistics business. We've made it easy to build a fun, comprehensive website chock full of helpful information and resources for your clients, even if web design isn't your specialty. All that's missing is your own personalized text and photos. Customizing the colors and fonts can be done without any coding at all using our unique, intuitive front-end editing tool. Drag and drop widgets make it simple to rearrange page layouts to suit your needs. An affordable, responsive website is within your reach with the Logistics WordPress Theme.

  • Logistics WordPress Theme - Latest news section

    Latest news section

    Your website wouldn't be complete with a dynamic blog section. That's why we've included a turnkey blog, which will make it super easy to share tips and news about your business.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Made for logistics specialists

    Made for logistics specialists

    The Logistics WordPress Theme was built with the specific needs of logistics specialists in mind in order to deliver the best match for your business website.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Prominent call-to-actions

    Prominent call-to-actions

    This theme is goal oriented. It's all about getting people committed to the solution you can provide them with clean and concise call-to-actions.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Contact form

    Contact form

    The Logistics WordPress Theme makes it easy for prospective clients to reach you through the Contact page, featuring an integrated Google map and a handy form.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Rock solid design

    Rock solid design

    The layout of the Logistics WordPress Theme steers visitors to the most important parts of your website with a clear design.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Downloadable offer requests

    Downloadable offer requests

    Encourage prospective clients to take the first step and get in touch with the quote request form. Easily customize the fields and manage submitted forms with our convenient, downloadable overview.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Built-in rate charts

    Built-in rate charts

    Enter your own services and prices on the Logistics WordPress Theme's built-in charts to neatly display your rates and help convert curious visitors into clients.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Service pages

    Service pages

    Show prospective clients the amenities your business offers on the Logistics WordPress Theme's fully-customizable service detail pages.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Service listing

    Service listing

    Right on the homepage is an easily editable services overview. Each service is linked to an individual page where you're able to give more details about the specifics.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Social media options

    Social media options

    The Logistics WordPress Theme comes with icons for the most popular social media platforms. Visitors can connect with you online or share your content on their own pages.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Advertise staff vacancies

    Advertise staff vacancies

    The Logistics WordPress Theme is set up with pages for open positions at your company. Interested parties can even apply online via the included application form.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - Introduce your company

    Introduce your company

    Become the expert in your area, make your staff feel proud by placing them on the site and telling something about what makes theme tick.

    Logistics WordPress Theme - shipping vacancies

    shipping vacancies

    The Careers page is set up for you to list staff vacancies and offer employment information for those interested in working at your logistics company.

  • desktop screenshot Logistics WordPress Theme
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  • Embrace the mobile web with the Logistics WordPress Theme

    Optimized for every type of handheld device, our responsive Logistics WordPress Theme is built to beautifully display your website with user-friendly navigation at every screen size. Mobile visitors will enjoy the same professional design and functionality of the desktop version, plus the added convenience of simply tapping your phone number to dial. No extra coding or plugins are required! This premium website template will automatically adapt your content for smartphones and tablets. As you add new pages and posts, you can feel confident that your website will look great and work perfectly even on small screens.

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