• Landscaping WordPress Theme

    A platform for your landscaping skills

    There's a lot of creativity going on when designing and sculpting somebody's garden. The unique skill set of landscapers should be conveyed in their online presence. The Landscaping WordPress theme was build for that singular purpose. To let your professionalism shine and be given an online platform.

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  • The Landscaping WordPress theme - sculpting your online success

    The Landscaping WordPress theme, as all of our themes, has a singular business focus. And with this theme its business is both showcasing your landscaping skills and converting visitors into clients. To do so the Landscaping WordPress theme packs a stunning full-page slider and a project overview. The theme is further enhanced with a clean service overview, offer request form, integrated blog, trust icons, a testimonial section and image gallieries. Optimized for mobile devices and the world's greatest front end editor are all included. And to back you up we have a dedicated video support section and multiple ways to contact us when needing support.

  • Full-page slider

    Besides a high-quality layout and navigation structure for SEO purposes, the Landscaping WordPress Theme's inviting appeal is partly based in its eye-catching supersized slider.

    Built-in portfolio

    Display a thumbnail and a short introduction for each project to give visitors an easy-to-navigate overview of your portfolio. Clicking on a thumbnail directs visitors to a detailed project page.

    Beautiful gallery

    The WordPress template has got a beautiful gallery feature integrated into it. Point, click and upload your own images and the theme will do the rest.

    Amazingly powerful blog

    Share news and articles on the Landscaping WordPress Theme's built-in blog. Regularly updating your your website with relevant content can help boost search rankings.

    Slick design

    Right out of the box, the Landscaping WordPress Theme your website will have a slick, professional look and practical business features for landscaper.

    Downloadable offer requests

    A great way to provide valuable leads is by letting potential interested visitors fill in a free estimate form. Each submitted form is stored on your server for future reference.

    Home buyers guide

    We've set up a dedicated page for your home buyers guide on the Landscaping WordPress Theme. Simply replace the text with your own expert advice.

    For landscapers

    We've done extensive research to find out what makes a great garden website in order to ensure that the Landscaping WordPress Theme offers the best match for your needs.

    Testimonials section

    Tooting your own horn is not nearly as effective as letting someone else do the talking. The testimonial section is a great tool to achieve this goal.

    Trust icons

    If you belong to professional associations or have won awards, displaying the corresponding icons is a great way to express your trustworthiness to your clients.

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  • A professional mobile website within reach with the responsive Landscaping WordPress theme

    With this professional looking responsive Landscaping WordPress theme you stay ahead of the crowd. With more and more people going online using mobile devices it's not only adamant you have a professional looking online presence. You have to give visitors to your website the best user experience possible. The way to do that is by having a mobile website. The responsive Gardener WordPress theme packs this complex technical feature in a wrapper which is bound to increase your bottom line.

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