• The Kart WordPress Theme - easily build your online website

    As an go kart expert you know the importance of having a professional online presence for your business. With the Kart WordPress Theme we've made it easier than ever to quickly get your go kart services online without any coding at all. Just replace the text and images with your own and it's done! Giving your new go kart website a custom look and feel takes just a few clicks using our unique front-end editor, so web designers and end users alike will be able to easily change colors and styles and keep content updated. And this responsive WordPress theme is mobile-optimized right out of the box, so you can feel confident that your website will make a great impression even on small screens. With the Kart WordPress Theme, you can get your complete website online in no time and start attracting new clients today!

  • Reduce your design turnaround time

    Using Divi themes has sped up the design process of professional web designers across all continents in dozens of countries around the globe.

  • Highlighted services

    The clean layout of the Kart WordPress Theme let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.


    This theme is goal oriented. It's all about getting people committed to the solution you can provide them with clean and concise call-to-actions.

    A great blogger theme

    Like all of our themes, this Kart WordPress Theme comes with a blog all set up and ready for your content.

    Events listing

    Got any upcoming events? The theme has a very easy way to publish the calendar on your website.

    Convey credibility

    Present logos from your professional associations, awards, top brands or magazines that have mentioned your business. Trusted icons promote trust in your business.

    Mailing list sign up form

    Allow visitors to sign up for your mailing list by entering their email. Manage new subscribers through our downloadable overview.

    Social media integration

    Encourage visitors to follow you online with a single click. The Kart WordPress Theme includes matching icons as well as widgets that display your latest tweets or a Facebook like wall.

    Frequently asked questions

    With clear distinctions between the questions and answers, the Kart WordPress Theme's FAQ page is ready to be filled with your most frequently asked Q's and A's.

    Rock solid detail pages

    With a multi columned layout and lots of media options you can create highly attractive and informative service detail pages.

    Google calendar

    The Kart WordPress Theme easily let's you integrate your favorite free Google services like the Google calendar.

    Video gallery

    A great way to enhance this WordPress theme for go kart clubs is to add your own videos to the video galleries. This is easily achieved with the help of our YouTube and Vimeo widgets.

    Appealing image gallery

    No website can do without beautiful image galleries. So our Kart WordPress Theme has the option to create them quickly and simply. No external plugins are required so you're sure they integrate perfectly and symmetrically on every page.

    Meet your prospects

    This WordPress theme's contact page is set up for you to include clear contact information, an integrated Google map, a route planner for driving directions and a convenient form.

    For club managers

    Increase customer expectations with Kart WordPress Theme which was made specifically for club managers.

  • mobile responsive Kart WordPress Theme

    Mobile-friendly web design with the responsive Kart WordPress Theme

    Whether browsing at home on a desktop or on the go using smartphones and tablets, visitors to your go kart website will enjoy a great online experience when you build your website with our responsive Kart WordPress Theme. Its mobile-optimized design automatically adjusts the layout of your content to display beautifully at any screen size, so you'll be able to keep your website updated with the newest arrivals in search of a good home without ever worrying about the mobile version of your website. Best of all, mobile visitors can simply tap on your phone number to dial or tap your email to open a new draft and get in touch.

  • Rock the competition with this Kart WordPress Theme

    Looking to grow your business by cementing your web presence? The Kart WordPress Theme can help. With it's built in contact form, blog and service pages you'll have all that you need to engage the web! Visit the demo site or try it free for three days to learn more!

  • Includes Nexus Framework- Applying a “kart-first” approach

    With the Kart WordPress Theme we’ve taken theme design a a step further. Because club managers have to realize that it’s not the tool that does the work for you, it’s what you do with it. You see, a formula 1 car is nothing if not driven by a professional. And owning the car is not the goal, getting to the finish line and beating the competition is. So that’s why we’ve not only based our theme on this immensely popular product, but provide club managers with the proper layout which can easily be expanded to suit their individual needs. The biggest costs of getting online resides not in the products used, a theme, hosting etc., but in the hourly rate of the web designer. And we believe it’s in the best interest of both parties involved, designer and business owner, that a product is used that excels in the areas of functionality and technology. That’s the Kart WordPress Theme.

  • The best choice for club managers all over the world

  • The flexibility and ease-of-use of this theme as well as the professional support that came with it made my choice for these guys a no brainer.

    Matthijs Philip - Netherlands

    I have no words .. fast response, and exceptional video! I have never used a theme so PERFECT! congratulations .. deserve the best

    Matteo Arces - Italy

    I was looking for a drag and drop-theme for a long time. When I discovered these WordPress themes I loved it immediately! It is easy to use; the real time editor and the drag and drop feature make the theme great.

    Noor Peels - Netherlands