• The Irish Pub WordPress Theme - professional design for pub websites

    When building or expanding your pub business, building a website for your company can seem like an overwhelming task that takes time away from your work. That's why we've designed the Irish Pub WordPress Theme to help you get a complete pub website up and running in no time. Just replace the demo text and upload your own photos to use this website template as is, or personalize the color scheme and adjust page layouts using our powerful yet intuitive front-end editor. With drag and drop widgets and simple content management, a custom look and feel for your website can be achieved without any coding at all. Your pub business needs a professional online presence so that clients can find you and learn about what you can do for them; the Irish Pub WordPress Theme makes building your new website a fun and easy job so you can quickly get back to what you do best.

  • Single-minded dedication to get you online

    All of our products are based on the concept of getting online as fast as possible with the least amount of work necessary to make it so.

  • Made for pub owners

    The Irish Pub WordPress Theme was made for pub owners only. So these businesses wil profit the most from using this WordPress theme.

    Contact page with map

    The contact page on the Irish Pub WordPress Theme is set up with space for your contact details, an integrated Google map and a route planner.

    Blog option

    Attract new visitors to your website by keeping it up-to-date with the latest news from your community. Our themes enables you to do just that with our integrated blog features.

    Service listing

    Allow your visitors to see an at-a-glance overview of your services, directly from the homepage of the Irish Pub WordPress Theme.

    Clickable call to actions

    Prospective clients won't have to search to take the next step and get in contact thanks to a clear call-to-action on every page of the Irish Pub WordPress Theme.

    Beautiful service details

    The service detail pages of the Irish Pub WordPress Theme allow you to go into detail about what you and your team can do for your prospective clients.

    Clean, modern design

    The Irish Pub WordPress Theme is beautifully designed with rich features, a clean layout and an eye-catching color scheme. With your own photos and text your website will be up and running in no time.

  • mobile responsive Irish Pub WordPress Theme

    Mobile friendly design at your finger tips with the Irish Pub WordPress Theme

    Your clients who appreciate neat, precision styling will be impressed when they visit the mobile version of your website on handheld devices. The responsive Irish Pub WordPress Themeis mobile-optimized to automatically adjust the layout of your content to display beautifully any screen size. Visitors using smartphones and tablets to access your men's salon website will enjoy the same professional design, full-width images and user-friendly functionality of the desktop version. Mobile visitors can simply tap on your phone number to dial and book and appointment on the go.

  • No better first impression that with this dazzling WordPress theme

    Clean design and an organized layout add up to a professional look for your pub website. The Irish Pub WordPress Theme is built to help you get your pub services online fast, so you can expand your reach and attract new business.

  • Includes Nexus Framework- Applying a “hospitality-first” approach

    There are probably very few pub owners who decide to build their own website. If there are, they shouldn’t because it’s a realm reserved for those with the proper skills to navigate it. The reason we’ve chosen Nexus Framework is because it has a proven trackrecord, a myriad of design options and is well-known in the web design community. This way pub owners have the biggest chance of finding a professional with the knowledge and experience of the tool to help them out the best way they can. This in turn is very important for the continuity of your online presence, since it’s not to uncommon for business owners to change web designers.

  • Customizable UI

    The Nexus Framework's interface allows you to customize it so you can finetune the Irish Pub WordPress Theme as fast as possible the way you want to.

    Drag & Drop

    Designing a website for pub owners will feel like painting after you've used the power that comes with the state-of-the-art drag-and-drop editor.

    Draggable Widths

    Building a site with the Irish Pub WordPress Theme is more than simply putting in the right content. You can create gorgeous white space layouts using draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    The option to edit content by remaining on the page is drastically going to speed up your workflow and get the website finished in a way that makes sense.

    Instant Content

    The Nexus Framework turns a website into a canvas where web designers very quickly can edit, duplicate and re-arrange sections, columns, rows and other content elements.

    Responsive Editing

    The Nexus Framework ships with layout previews that reflect the various mobile devices out there. This is to help the web designer design high-quality responsive layouts.

  • Initial content

    The Irish Pub WordPress Theme has a built-in turnkey feature that helps speed up website publication to save up your time.


    The Irish Pub WordPress Theme comes with an easy to use drag and drop editor that makes it easy to maintain and edit your site whenever necessary.

    Easily edit colors

    Add your own personal style to the Irish Pub WordPress Theme simply by adjusting the color scheme. A few drags and clicks of the color picker enables you to find the perfect shades!

    No hand coding required

    Our powerful framework levels the playing field by making it possible for end users and designers alike to customize their website without any hand coding whatsoever.

    User friendly modules

    Our powerful editing tool allows you to add features and content just by clicking on a blank module and assigning it text, video, a photo gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Unlimited Google fonts

    The integration of Google fonts within the Irish Pub WordPress Theme gives you the ability to further customize your site.

  • What our clients say about us

  • Bought one of your themes – blown away at the front end editor. WOW – nice! - I do A LOT of WordPress websites and this is now in my top two WordPress editing systems

    Tom Cuneo - U.S.

    Keep up the good work work. By far your theme is the best in the market!

    Zeyad Polus - U.S.

    The new website, with your wonderfully elegant design work, is a resounding success and projects our business in just the right light.

    Twin Rivers Golf Club - U.S.