• The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme - upbeat fun design for phone repair businesses

    It's a beautiful thing if you can get paid for what drives you. However, much need to be done to create a living from your passion. And one of those things is making sure your website is a reflection of this true passon. With the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme we've incorporated a design which both serves your main services.

  • Drastically reduce your turnaround time

    There can be only one theme supplier that provides you with the quickest way imaginable to build new sites. And it's Nexus Themes.

  • Authority blog

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme is an excellent theme to create appealing and eye-catching content. Your individual blog items are nicely highlighted on your homepage and a dedicated "blog" page.

    Online appointment booking

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme comes with a built-in booking form, allowing you to take appointments online even outside of business hours.

    Made for repair technicians

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme was designed specifically for repair technicians. So chances are that anything your electronics website might need is already there - at your fingertips!

    Bright calls-to-action

    Don't let your visitors forget why they came to your site in the first place! Encourage them to contact you with call-to-action buttons located throughout the pages of this WordPress theme.

    Classic photo slider

    Showcase your favorite photos on your homepage with the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme's classic image slider.

    Helpful contact information

    The contact page on the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme encourages visitors to get in touch. List your contact details together with a Google map, route planner and customizable contact form.

    Easily include your rates

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme contains already configured pricing tables, which can be easily edited to hold your own pricing figures.

    Strong service pages

    With the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme you have a quality tool to create elegant and appealing service detail pages with above-average layout and styling.

    Convenient services overview

    Offer visitors quick navigation to the most important pages on your site with the attractive overview on the the homepage. Clicking on any thumbnail leads directly to a page with more information.

    Promote your business

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme comes packaged with sharing and following icons for popular social media platforms, and widgets that display a Facebook or Twitter feed.

  • mobile responsive IPhone Repair WordPress Theme

    Intuitive mobile design with the responsive IPhone Repair WordPress Theme

    With this responsive IPhone Repair WordPress Theme, a sleek mobile version of your website is just part of the package. Prospective clients who browse your pages using smartphones and tablets will enjoy the same professional look and functionality of the desktop version. As you update your website with new rental properties and blog posts, our mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display neatly on any screen size, no extra effort required! Mobile visitors can simply tap your phone number to dial.

  • Promote your phone repair services with a professional website

    Why waste time building your site from scratch when you can fill in this responsive pre-built template and have your complete website finished in no time! The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme requires no coding at all.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - A popular choice for building websites

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme is built with the Nexus Framework, which has quickly established itself as the dominant site-builder tool. This means that this IPhone Repair WordPress Theme enables repair technicians to get the help of a professional web designer that already knows how this theme works. With a solid amount of developers and a huge community to help out, using the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme is a risk-aversive and wise decision for any repair technician.

  • Customizable UI

    You'll feel right at home building websites with the Nexus Framework when you realize how easy it is to customize its user interface to your personal needs

    Drag & Drop

    The Nexus Framework offers much more than just a drag-and-drop editor with powerful features like zooming and quickly re-arranging content and page layouts.

    Draggable Widths

    The Nexus Framework is all about ease of use and quickly and visually design a site. To this end the visual builder ships with the option to edit layout with draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    Adjusting font color, sizes and styling is such an easy task. Just click anywhere you'd like on the page the visual builder automatically provides you with in-line editing

    Instant Content

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme will have you copying, pasting and duplicating sections, rows, columns and content elements to quickly expand upon the initial layout.

    Responsive Editing

    The Nexus Framework let's you create responsive layouts within the same environment for different mobile devices and check them to preserve that quality design.

  • Up and running in minutes

    Speed up your website launch with the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme. The in-built turnkey functionality gives you the ability to save lots of time.

    Easy content management

    We are very aware that repair technicians are no IT experts. We aim to make the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme easily maintainable even by business owners using our front-end editor.

    Vast color options

    With the IPhone Repair WordPress Theme you use your signature business colors on the website simply by clicking and dragging on the color picker to find the right hues.

    No hand coding

    Customize your website easily with IPhone Repair WordPress Theme. The one-of-a-kind drag and drop interface means that coding isn't necessary.

    Widgetized features

    Individual pages can be expanded at will with all sorts of functionality. Images, galleries and videos are just a few of the options available right out-of-the-box.

    Integrated web fonts

    The IPhone Repair WordPress Theme gives you the ability to add a near endless supply of fonts via Google Font integration. The best part? You don't even need coding.

  • What our clients say about us

  • ThnX for helping out, your support is brilliant!

    Marcella Wijnhoff - Germany

    Best customer service I've experienced anywhere!!! Thanks again!

    Alastair Duhs - New Zealand

    Everybody loves my site, you guys have done a super job with your themes, I cannot thank you enough!!

    Alina Mihai - U.S.