• The Interior Design WordPress Theme - design your website without any coding

    Whether you're updating an outdated old website or building up a new interior design business from the ground up, the Interior Design WordPress Theme is designed to get your complete website online in no time. We've built this web template with everything you need to offer visitors important information about the services you offer at your company. Just replace the demo text and images with your own, or change the color scheme and page layouts to suit your needs. No coding is required! You'll be able to style and customize your content using our visual front-end editing tool and drag and drop widgets. With so much of the work already done for you, the Interior Design WordPress Theme is a smart, affordable way to quickly create a professional website for your interior design business.

  • Build sites with the speed of light

    Join thousands of web designers who use our WordPress themes to create stunning-looking and professional business oriented websites in minutes.

  • Classic blog

    This Interior Design WordPress Theme wouldn't be complete with a section to feature article, tips and news about your organization. So it's there for you to use as you please.

    Made for interior decorators

    Ideal for interior decorators, the Interior Design WordPress Theme is specifically designed to help you get website online fast.

    Call-to-action on every page

    Customers won't have to search to take the next step and get in contact with you with clear calls to action prominently displayed on every page of the Interior Design WordPress Theme.

    Helpful contact page

    Your contact page is one of the most important pages of your whole site. That's why the Interior Design WordPress Theme comes standard with an integrated Google map, route planner and a customizable contact form.

    Share your approach

    Show clients the steps involved and what to expect when they hire you to decorate with the How It Works page included on the Interior Design WordPress Theme.

    High quality design

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme theme features an accessible, easy-to-navigate design that gets visitors excited about your unique services.

    Integrated image gallery

    Showcase your photos on the Interior Design WordPress Theme with two-, three- or four-column image galleries. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the photo in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Project portfolio

    Display a thumbnail and a short introduction for each project to give visitors an easy-to-navigate overview of your portfolio. Clicking on a thumbnail directs visitors to a detailed project page.

    Quote request form

    Prospective clients can display their interest in your services by asking for a quote. Which is also an excellent way to create highly relevant leads.

    Overview of services

    The clean layout of the Interior Design WordPress Theme let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.

    Integrated social media

    The template includes icons for the most popular social media platforms. Use them to link to your pages, simply add your profile links and connect!

    Share client reviews

    There's no better promotion for your professional work and friendly service than testimonials from your satisfied clients. Paste in your quotes to display them styled as you see here.

    Convey credibility

    A great sign of trust are the various associations or brands you've tied your interior design business to. With this theme you have an easy way to shown them on your site.

  • mobile responsive Interior Design WordPress Theme

    Solid mobile web design with the responsive Interior Design WordPress Theme

    Looking for a WP theme that's mobile optimized right out of the box? That's just what you get when you build your website with our responsive Interior Design WordPress Theme — absolutely no coding, plugins or extra effort required! We've designed this theme to automatically adjust the layout of your content to render beautifully at any screen size, so your website will continue to look great on smartphones and tablets even as new devices enter the market. Widgets included in the theme allow you to add responsive videos, image galleries, charts, forms and more.

  • The perfect online basis for your design firm

    Don't just rely on word of mouth, create a professional website for your interior design business with the Interior Design WordPress Theme! This pre-built web template is ready for your own text and photos to help you get your services online fast.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    As the core engine of the Interior Design WordPress Theme we’ve obviously went with the Nexus Framework. It’s an extremely powerful website builder solution on top of the most popular content management system in the world: WordPress. With the hundreds of options out there to create a site your best bet is a solution with rock-solid support, widespread appeal and a large community. Both the Nexus Framework and WordPress fall squarely into that category. And with the Interior Design WordPress Theme we moved beyond the confines of having a nice tool and created a fully fleshed out website that adheres to needs of those who actually run a design firm for real.

  • Customizable UI

    You can greatly speed up your web design workflow and finetune the Interior Design WordPress Theme with the help of an adjustable user interface. A first with the Nexus Framework.

    Drag & Drop

    It's easier than ever to organize your content in the Nexus Framework. Just drag and drop! You can even zoom out and re-arrange content from a bird's eye view.

    Draggable Widths

    Displaying information in a way that's easily digestible is easy with the help of draggable widths. It's another core feature of the theme's visual builder.

    In-line Editing

    Simply click into your page and start typing to add new text content. Highlight text and adjust its font, color, sizing, styling and more. It's awesome!

    Instant Content

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme will have you copying, pasting and duplicating sections, rows, columns and content elements to quickly expand upon the initial layout.

    Responsive Editing

    Making a solid responsive website for interior decorators is easier than every with the help of switching between different layout previews.

  • Out-of-the-box installation

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme helps you save time, thanks to the website's turnkey installation which ensures that your website is nearly ready upon installation.

    Maintenance Made Easy

    Maintaining your interior design website with updated text, images and rates is simple and manageable thanks to our unique front-end editor.

    Edit your website's color

    Personalize the look of the Interior Design WordPress Theme just by clicking and dragging on the color picker to change the color scheme. Your custom palette will be instantly integrated throughout your site.

    No hand coding needed

    Nearly every element of the Interior Design WordPress Theme can be styled using our powerful front-end editor. Customize the look and layout of your website without any coding at all!


    Copy and paste or drag and drop modules to rearrange page layouts. Add new features by clicking on a blank module and assigning it text, video, a Twitter feed or a variety or content types.

    Vast set of Google fonts

    A interior design's website can greatly benefit from using a font with a certain characteristic. No plugins or coding are required to use Google fonts with the Interior Design WordPress Theme.

  • Trusted by interior decorators in more than 100 countries

  • Agility, great product, and readiness to provide competent support in any moment are just part of the things that makes your company professional.

    Milos Tajkov - Serbia

    Even for a person like me (I am from the time the internet didn't exist) it was easy to build my website. I received many compliments about the fact that my site looks so professional. Thanks guys!

    Henk Klijn - Netherlands

    I was able to create a beautiful and professional looking website for my company, enabling me to get my message across even better. In short, working with this theme turned out to be fast, the support was great and the results very professional.

    Hester Bransen - Netherlands