• Interior Design WordPress Theme

    Interior Design WordPress Theme
  • The Interior Design WordPress Theme - design your website without any coding

    Whether you're updating an outdated old website or building up a new interior design business from the ground up, the Interior Design WordPress Theme is designed to get your complete website online in no time. We've built this web template with everything you need to offer visitors important information about the services you offer at your company. Just replace the demo text and images with your own, or change the color scheme and page layouts to suit your needs. No coding is required! You'll be able to style and customize your content using our visual front-end editing tool and drag and drop widgets. With so much of the work already done for you, the Interior Design WordPress Theme is a smart, affordable way to quickly create a professional website for your interior design business.

  • Plans and Pricing

    For the tech-savvy DIY guy

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

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    Hosting + Theme
    Perfect for the busy entrepreneur

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included


    Theme Included (value $65!)


    FREE WordPress Installation

    FREE Theme Setup

    FREE Domain Name

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    SSD Powered Hosting

    Automated Backups

  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - wordpress logo
    Interior Design WordPress Theme - woocommerce logo
    Interior Design WordPress Theme - payment options logos
  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - Build sites with the speed of light

    Build sites with the speed of light

    Join thousands of web designers who use our WordPress themes to create stunning-looking and professional business oriented websites in minutes.

  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - A great blogger theme
    A great blogger theme

    This WordPress Theme has a news overview and features to easily create your own news items. It's already set up so the only thing left to do is to reuse the pages and fill them yourself.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Made for interior decorators
    Made for interior decorators

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme is the result of invaluable input from actual interior decorators. So you can rest assured that it meets your needs.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Visible call-to-actions
    Visible call-to-actions

    This theme is goal oriented. It's all about getting people committed to the solution you can provide them with clean and concise call-to-actions.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Contact options
    Contact options

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme's Contact page features an integrated Google map and a built-in contact form. Easily customize the fields to suit your needs.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Share your approach
    Share your approach

    Show clients the steps involved and what to expect when they hire you to decorate with the How It Works page included on the Interior Design WordPress Theme.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Sleek, professional design
    Sleek, professional design

    The great looking design isn't reserved for the homepage. Individual pages where you can go into more detail about your services show just as much dedication to a great design.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Appealing image gallery
    Appealing image gallery

    Showcase your photos on the Interior Design WordPress Theme with two-, three- or four-column image galleries. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the photo in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Project overview
    Project overview

    Display an overview of all projects in each category on the Interior Design WordPress Theme's project overview pages. Visitors can click on any thumbnail to see more photos and details about each project.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Get more quotes
    Get more quotes

    With the Interior Design WordPress Theme you enable yourself to proactively invite people to ask for an offer for a certain job. This way you set yourself up for success and maximizing profits through your online channel.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Convenient services overview
    Convenient services overview

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme enables you to showcase all you services in a nice overview. Neatly and cleanly laid out for your prospects with a nice rollover effect.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Grow your followers
    Grow your followers

    An important feature is to be able to redirect people to the most popular social media platforms you use. It's only natural that we've included these in the Interior Design WordPress Theme.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Customer testimonials
    Customer testimonials

    Tooting your own horn is not nearly as effective as letting someone else do the talking. The testimonial section is a great tool to achieve this goal.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Instill authority
    Instill authority

    Showing customers recognizable logos from your professional associations, top brands and service awards lets them know that earning their trust is important to your business.

  • mobile responsive Interior Design WordPress Theme

    Solid mobile web design with the responsive Interior Design WordPress Theme

    Looking for a WP theme that's mobile optimized right out of the box? That's just what you get when you build your website with our responsive Interior Design WordPress Theme — absolutely no coding, plugins or extra effort required! We've designed this theme to automatically adjust the layout of your content to render beautifully at any screen size, so your website will continue to look great on smartphones and tablets even as new devices enter the market. Widgets included in the theme allow you to add responsive videos, image galleries, charts, forms and more.

  • The perfect online basis for your design firm

    Don't just rely on word of mouth, create a professional website for your interior design business with the Interior Design WordPress Theme! This pre-built web template is ready for your own text and photos to help you get your services online fast.

  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - Includes Nexus Builder - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    Includes Nexus Builder - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    As the core engine of the Interior Design WordPress Theme we’ve obviously went with the Nexus Builder. It’s an extremely powerful website builder solution on top of the most popular content management system in the world: WordPress. With the hundreds of options out there to create a site your best bet is a solution with rock-solid support, widespread appeal and a large community. Both the Nexus Builder and WordPress fall squarely into that category. And with the Interior Design WordPress Theme we moved beyond the confines of having a nice tool and created a fully fleshed out website that adheres to needs of those who actually run a design firm for real.

  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - Customizable UI
    Customizable UI

    Finetune the Interior Design WordPress Theme quickly and effectively with the help of an user interface that can be modified and customized to your personal web design workflow

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Drag & Drop
    Drag & Drop

    Drag-and-drop is core function to quickly interact with the Interior Design WordPress Theme and build gorgeous layouts and designs for either your own projects or your clients.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Draggable Widths
    Draggable Widths

    You'll love the way you make put page layout creation not feel like an arduous task with the help of draggable widths and heights to create awesome whitespace.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - In-line Editing
    In-line Editing

    While WordPress users might be accustomed to editing content in the backend, using the in-line editing options will truly feel like a breath of fresh air.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Instant Content
    Instant Content

    Create your own content presets or copy, paste and duplicate existing ones sections, rows and columns that can be easily and quickly created.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Responsive Editing
    Responsive Editing

    Not only can you quickly view the site with different layout presets. You can also adjust the site design independently for each preview, mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - Turnkey Content
    Turnkey Content

    Our quick turnkey installation means that your website will be up and running within minutes of activating your theme, with the initial design, layout and content from the demo site in place.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Simple content management
    Simple content management

    Save time with the Interior Design WordPress Theme. It is easy to maintain, thanks to the handy built-in drag and drop editing tool.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Infinite color palettes
    Infinite color palettes

    In mere seconds you’ll be able to change the color scheme of the entire site. Simply by pointing and clicking on a color wheel.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Say goodbye to coding
    Say goodbye to coding

    Coding is not required with the Interior Design WordPress Theme, so leave your worries behind. In fact, you can build your whole site with the easy to use drag and drop interface!

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Easily add new features
    Easily add new features

    To add new content or features to your pages, click on a blank module and assign it text, video, a Twitter feed or any of a variety of other styling and content types available.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - Integrated Google fonts
    Integrated Google fonts

    The Interior Design WordPress Theme includes a wide selection of web-safe fonts to offer you more options in customizing the look and feel of your website.

  • About the Photos - Photopack

    About the Photos

    The stock photos you see in the demo site are not included with the theme's purchase. Redistributing them to a theme buyer would imply a copyright violation for us. However, we do want to provide you with the ability to obtain a license for yourself if you would like to use the photos from the demo. You can do so by following the links in the photopack table below.

  • Photos - 7681093

    123rf - 7681093

    Photos - 20074414

    123rf - 20074414

    Photos - 10349191

    123rf - 10349191

    Photos - 9769295

    123rf - 9769295

    Photos - 2373474

    123rf - 2373474

    Photos - 28898434

    123rf - 28898434

    Photos - 6332410

    123rf - 6332410

    Photos - 28898438

    123rf - 28898438

    Photos - 28898462

    123rf - 28898462

    Photos - 28898395

    123rf - 28898395

    Photos - 28898463

    123rf - 28898463

    Photos - 18816092

    123rf - 18816092

    Photos - 23699305

    123rf - 23699305

    Photos - 23699303

    123rf - 23699303

    Photos - 18815627

    123rf - 18815627

    Photos - 18815651

    123rf - 18815651

    Photos - 21822124

    123rf - 21822124

    Photos - 9769299

    123rf - 9769299

    Photos - 21652218

    123rf - 21652218

    Photos - 14420907

    123rf - 14420907

    Photos - 14420948

    123rf - 14420948

    Photos - 14420945

    123rf - 14420945

    Photos - 14883188

    123rf - 14883188

    Photos - 15155310

    123rf - 15155310

    Photos - 15155302

    123rf - 15155302

    Photos - 15135335

    123rf - 15135335

    Photos - 15155299

    123rf - 15155299

    Photos - 15155312

    123rf - 15155312

    Photos - 18432939

    123rf - 18432939

    Photos - 18432918

    123rf - 18432918

    Photos - 18432935

    123rf - 18432935

    Photos - 18432943

    123rf - 18432943

    Photos - 18432940

    123rf - 18432940

    Photos - 19459224

    123rf - 19459224

    Photos - 8325229

    123rf - 8325229

    Photos - 368771

    123rf - 368771

    Photos - 16289715

    123rf - 16289715

    Photos - 10960578

    123rf - 10960578

    Photos - 8163586

    123rf - 8163586

    Photos - 27548852

    123rf - 27548852

    Photos - 5977566

    123rf - 5977566

    Photos - 5977689

    123rf - 5977689

    Photos - 14420908

    123rf - 14420908

    Photos - 5617468

    123rf - 5617468

    Photos - 5997640

    123rf - 5997640

  • Interior Design WordPress Theme - Photopack

    Trusted by interior decorators in more than 100 countries

  • I really like the free trials because it allows us website designers to present a demo website to potential clients with their logo and some pictures to give them an idea of what they can have with out purchasing first. It is a real nice feature I hope sill stay in place.

    Interior Design WordPress Theme - rating
    Interior Design WordPress Theme - rating
    Interior Design WordPress Theme - rating
    Interior Design WordPress Theme - rating
    Interior Design WordPress Theme - rating

    Billy Young - U.S.

  • Theme Specifications

    ThemeInterior Design WordPress Theme
    Latest Release24 May 2018 | 0 days ago | View changelog
    Support ManualSupport Manual, 1689 questions and answers | Open Support Manual
    Widget ReadyYes
    Price$65 (ex vat)
    PhotopackNot available | Ask for individual photo ID's
    Support License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Update License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Refund Policy30 days | Terms and Conditions
    PHPRequires PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7.X recommended)
    WordPressTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.9 (recommended)