• The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme - the ideal template for hunting guides

    When you want to create a hunting outfitters website that features bright, modern style, use the responsive Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme and get your site online fast! You've already put so much effort into building a welcoming place for clients to feel at home. Make sure your online presence is just as stylish and welcoming when you build your website with the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme.

  • We service clients who focus on speed of implementation

    Join thousands of web designers who use our WordPress themes to create stunning-looking and professional business oriented websites in minutes.

  • For hunting guides

    The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme was made for professional hunting guides wanting to take their business to the next level by going online.

    Clear contact info

    No website can do without a contact form. The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme is no exception to this rule, hence we've included the necessary elements to make a quality contact section.

    Individual service pages

    With a multi columned layout and lots of media options you can create highly attractive and informative service detail pages.

    Superb design

    Your visitors will be able to quickly navigate between pages and get into contact with you with the proper type of information set in the correct spot with the correct kind of contrast.

    Photo gallery

    Showcase your photos on the template with two-, three- or four-column image galleries. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the photo in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Hunting license information

    The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme has a dedicated section for you to display specific information surrounding hunting licenses and prices.


    The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme comes equipped with a clean rates overview. Neatly divided it gives you the ability to inform your clients of your ongoing rates.

    Appealing service pages

    Great-looking design isn't reserved for the homepage. Individual pages where you can go into more detail about your services show are set up and ready for your own text and photos.

    Overview of services

    The clean layout of the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.

    Social media integration

    Encourage visitors to follow you online with a single click. The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme includes matching icons as well as widgets that display your latest tweets or a Facebook like wall.

    Introduce yourself

    Add a welcoming touch to your outfitting company website by introducing your team with a profile photo and short bio. Placeholder images and text are ready for you on the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme.

  • mobile responsive Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme

    Quality design on any device with the responsive Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme

    Ensure a great mobile experience for clients accessing your site on smartphones and tablets when you start with the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme! Take advantage of our template's sleek responsive design to help you quickly and conveniently build a mobile-optimized website without wasting time on tedious coding or searching for plugins. Right out of the box, this premium WordPress theme will automatically adjust your content to display beautifully on any screen size, treating visitors to the same professional look and functionality of the desktop version even when on the go.

  • Staying ahead of the crowd with the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme

    Take your hunting guide to a whole new level with a beautiful website that showcases your work. The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme makes it easy and affordable to create a professional online presence that will impress prospective clients and show them what you can do.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Proven technology combined with a familiar look-and-feel for hunting guides

    As the core engine of the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme we’ve obviously went with the Nexus Framework. It’s an extremely powerful website builder solution on top of the most popular content management system in the world: WordPress. With the hundreds of options out there to create a site your best bet is a solution with rock-solid support, widespread appeal and a large community. Both the Nexus Framework and WordPress fall squarely into that category. And with the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme we moved beyond the confines of having a nice tool and created a fully fleshed out website that adheres to needs of those who actually run a outfitting company for real.

  • Customizable UI

    Finetune the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme quickly and effectively with the help of an user interface that can be modified and customized to your personal web design workflow

    Drag & Drop

    The Nexus Framework offers much more than just a drag-and-drop editor with powerful features like zooming and quickly re-arranging content and page layouts.

    Draggable Widths

    The Nexus Framework is all about ease of use and quickly and visually design a site. To this end the visual builder ships with the option to edit layout with draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    The option to edit content by remaining on the page is drastically going to speed up your workflow and get the website finished in a way that makes sense.

    Instant Content

    The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme will have you copying, pasting and duplicating sections, rows, columns and content elements to quickly expand upon the initial layout.

    Responsive Editing

    Now it's easier than ever to make your website responsive. Switch between mobile and tablet previews and adjust your design for each device independently.

  • Initial content

    The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme helps you save time, thanks to the website's turnkey installation which ensures that your website is nearly ready upon installation.

    Time Saving Maintenance

    We are very aware that hunting guides are no IT experts. We aim to make the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme easily maintainable even by business owners using our front-end editor.

    Easily edit colors

    Personalize your hunting outfitters website with your own color scheme by clicking and dragging on the color picker. Your custom palette will be instantly integrated throughout your website.

    No coding necessary

    Customize colors and style text on the Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme with just a few clicks using our powerful front-end editing tool, which requires no coding at all.


    Easily adjust page layouts by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting modules. To add new features, click on a blank module and assign it text, video, an image gallery or a variety of content types.

    Google fonts Included

    The Hunting Outfitters WordPress Theme gives you plenty of integrated web fonts to choose from so you can give your website the look and feel you're aiming for.

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  • That was an excellent video and you went into great detail about different possible scenarios which I really appreciated. I have sorted out the issue with the site I was building for my client. This was my first experience with purchasing a theme from you guys and it was excellent. I am going to buy one of your themes for my own site as well. Once again, thank you very much.

    James Miller - Australia

    Being a layman in the area of web design I decided to use WordPress. With the excellent support I was able to create both a beautiful and user friendly website. This makes them my preferred choice now and in the future for WordPress themes as it should be for anybody else with the same aspirations.

    Steve Verleure - Belgium

    ThnX for helping out, your support is brilliant!

    Marcella Wijnhoff - Germany