• The Hiking WordPress Theme - your online canvas

    The Hiking WordPress Theme will be the perfect online representative of these hardworking group of men and women. It has a strong focus of directing visitors to pages with relevant information. Making it a staple for tour guides who want the perfect WordPress theme to feature his or her business.

  • We focus on speed of implementation

    Divi Themes is the number one selling theme provider in the world for creating websites for small business owners as fast as possible.

  • Made for tour guides

    Before we started creating this theme we first did proper research to figure out the specific needs for tour guides. This way of working ensures the theme has the best match to your needs.

    Sleek contact page

    This premium WordPress theme's contact page includes an integrated Google map, route planner and a contact form that can be customized to suit your needs.

    Services feature

    Offer information about the services you offer by simply replacing the text on the website's hompage.

    Strong calls-to-actions

    With a contrasting color and highlighted on the homepage and the sidebar, the Hiking WordPress Theme contains call-to-actions that get noticed.

    Rock solid detail pages

    We've included easy-to-customize pages for each of your services, with space for photos, text and a whole slew of other elements you can instantly activate with our front-end editor.

    Bright, effective design

    This premium Hiking WordPress Theme features a neat, clean design that can handle all the information and features you'll need in a professional website.

  • mobile responsive Hiking WordPress Theme

    Hassle-free mobile browsing with the responsive Hiking WordPress Theme

    Having a dazzling mobile version of your website is part of the package when you start with the responsive Hiking WordPress Theme. Its mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to fit neatly on any size screen, without any complicated coding or extra plugins. Mobile visitors can enjoy the added benefit of being able to simply tap on your phone number to dial. You can feel confident that your new hiking website will make a great impression on potential clients using smartphones and tablets to access your pages, even as you add new content in the years to come.

  • A professional hiking website that conveys authority

    If the desire to design the perfect website for your tour business has you stressing, not to fret. Why? The Hiking WordPress Theme aready comes with everything that you need to communicate your business' strengths. Best of all, since you need only replace the default content with your own, you can be up and running with little downtime, if any!

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    To us a “travel-first” approach means 2 things. First we base our products on industry standards. That’s why at the heart of our theme we use WordPress. Second on top of that we use a site-builder, a tool now commonly used to build new websites. We use the Nexus Framework as our go-to tool because of its broad appeal in the web-design community. Third we go beyond simply designing a travel theme and went into detail in what is necessary for a tour guide to promote his- or herself. That’s why you’ll find travel specific features we found to be necessary to create the perfect travel website.

  • Customizable UI

    You can layout the Nexus Framework's interface in a way that best suits your personal workflow and the way you want to build websites and create content.

    Drag & Drop

    Although a drag-and-drop editor are becoming a more standard features in todays themes, the Nexus Framework will prove to be the most intuitive one in the market today.

    Draggable Widths

    Building a site with the Hiking WordPress Theme is more than simply putting in the right content. You can create gorgeous white space layouts using draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    Adjusting font color, sizes and styling is such an easy task. Just click anywhere you'd like on the page the visual builder automatically provides you with in-line editing

    Instant Content

    The Nexus Framework allows you to create multi-columned rows with content elements that can be easily copied, pasted and duplicated to suit your needs.

    Responsive Editing

    Now it's easier than ever to make your website responsive. Switch between mobile and tablet previews and adjust your design for each device independently.

  • Initial Content Included

    Once you install this website template for tour businesses, your site will be online in minutes with the design, layout and content from the demo site ready for your own photos and text.

    Low Maintenance

    Our front-end editor and layout engine makes maintaining and refreshing your site as easy as apple pie. Customizable headers, footers and sidebars come standard with the theme. No code required!

    Easily edit colors

    Customize the color scheme on the Hiking WordPress Theme just by clicking and dragging on the color picker until you find the perfect hues to match your tour business signature colors.

    Coding not required

    Absolutely no coding is required to customize the look of the Hiking WordPress Theme. Change colors and style text with a few clicks.

    Add features with modules

    The Hiking WordPress Theme makes it easy to add content and features to your website. Click on a blank module to assign it text, video, a gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Integrated Google fonts

    The Hiking WordPress Theme comes with web safe Google fonts pre-installed, and it's simple to add additional font families to give your website a more personalized look.

  • Trusted by tour guides in more than 100 countries

  • Keep up the good work work. By far your theme is the best in the market!

    Zeyad Polus - U.S.

    As an experienced WP-user your theme took some time getting used to, but for the owners of the websites this is much more intuitive and easier to maintain.

    Jeroen Groenhart - Netherlands

    I was able to create a beautiful and professional looking website for my company, enabling me to get my message across even better. In short, working with this theme turned out to be fast, the support was great and the results very professional.

    Hester Bransen - Netherlands