• The High School WordPress Theme - stylish web design for principals

    Need a professional, responsive website for your high school business but don't know where to begin? When you start with the High School WordPress Theme, most of the work is already done for you! You need only fill in your own text and photos to get an appealing, comprehensive website online fast. No coding is required to customize colors and styles or add new features like image galleries and videos thanks to our powerful front-end editing tool. The High School WordPress Theme helps you achieve a professional online presence that shows clients you mean business when it comes to providing experienced, reliable high school services.

  • Focused on getting you online

    Join thousands of small business owners, from dozens of countries across all continents that went online fast and affordable using our WordPress themes.

  • Powerful blog features

    Become an authority in your field by postings relevant blog items on your site. Integrated on the site is a nice page displaying all your latest blog posts.

    For principals

    The High School WordPress Theme is built with the specific needs of a education business in mind, with relevant design, detailed pages and helpful features set up to get you started.

    Contact page

    The Contact page on the High School WordPress Theme is rich with useful features, including an integrated Google map, route planner and handy contact form.

    Athletic requirements page

    Ensure that students and parents understand the risks and athletic eligibility requirements before joining school sports through this page on the High School WordPress Theme.

    School cafeteria page

    Offer information about school lunch programs, menus, and options for students with food allergies on the High School WordPress Theme's School Cafe page.

    School ranking page

    Share your successes in educational achievement and community involvement on the Rankings page. We've even included pages for alumni success stories and a list of colleges your students have been accepted to.

    Clean, elegant design

    Featuring an elegant, modern design that allows your content to shine, this High School WordPress Theme helps you create a visually stunning website for any principal.

    Google calendar

    With the High School WordPress Theme you can integrate a Google calendar. Now you can profit from this free service as well as showcasing the dates of your most important events on your site.

    Google map and directions

    The High School WordPress Theme includes a page for detailed directions and landmarks to help students and parents find your school. This page is also a great place for your campus map!

    FAQ section

    With clear distinctions between the questions and answers, the High School WordPress Theme's FAQ page is ready to be filled with your most frequently asked Q's and A's.

    New student registration form

    Allow new students to take the first step in matriculation online with the High School WordPress Theme's customizable registration form.

    Team rosters

    Our High School WordPress Theme is all set up with charts for your athletic team rosters. This feature is also built in to the staff page and can be used anywhere you need it!

    Class schedule

    Present your online class schedules is a very powerful feature. The schedules have a flexible table like structure and can easily be adapted to your needs.

    Service pages

    Go into detail about each of your services on the dedicated pages set up in the High School WordPress Theme. A list of links on the sidebar allows for to quick navigation to other service pages.

    Go social!

    Included with the High School WordPress Theme are icons for the most popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to simply click to follow you online or share your content on their pages.

    Introduce your principals

    Gaining the trust of new clients can be aided by the staff overview page. Here you introduce your team with photos and display contact information or a short bio.

    Trust icon functionality

    Showing customers recognizable logos from your professional associations, top brands and service awards lets them know that earning their trust is important to your business.

  • mobile responsive High School WordPress Theme

    Mobile web design you can count on with the responsive High School WordPress Theme

    The stunning design and intuitive navigation your high school website will extend to the mobile version of your site when you start with the responsive High School WordPress Theme. Its mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your images and text to render beautifully on any screen size, on any handheld device. Mobile visitors will enjoy the same professional look and user-friendly functionality of the desktop version, plus the ability to simply tap on your phone number to dial and schedule a class or tap on your email to open a new draft.

  • A website that works just as hard for you as you do each day

    Each of our themes has been crafted with extreme passion and dedication. This High School WordPress Theme is no exception. For the high school industry this theme should exude an air of professionallism. While at the same time boasting a design and layout which acts as the perfect base to create your own high school website.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    The High School WordPress Theme is built with the Nexus Framework. In the hands of a skilled web designer, the Nexus Framework is an awesome website creation tool that’ll spoil you. Though it has a pretty steep learning curve, once you’re comfortable around the controls, things will feel very intuitive. It very much mimics the way you would use a word processing tool to create in fill in a page layout, but specifically geared towards web design. So if you’re familiar with those kind of tools, you’ll feel right at home using the Nexus Framework. Another huge feature of using Nexus is not so much the product itself but its place within the premium theme industry. Nexus Themes, the company behind the Nexus Framework, has been around for quite some time and has been at the forefront of theme development. The Nexus Framework is their flagship tool. And the products have garnered a huge share of devoted followers, both end-users and web designers.

  • Customizable UI

    You can layout the Nexus Framework's interface in a way that best suits your personal workflow and the way you want to build websites and create content.

    Drag & Drop

    Both the drag-and-drop editor, re-arranging content and zooming interface are powerful tools in the arsenal of the professional web designer.

    Draggable Widths

    The Nexus Framework is all about ease of use and quickly and visually design a site. To this end the visual builder ships with the option to edit layout with draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    While WordPress users might be accustomed to editing content in the backend, using the in-line editing options will truly feel like a breath of fresh air.

    Instant Content

    Create page layouts is very quick and very easy. Drag, drop, copy, paste, duplicate the sections, rows and columns. Web design has never felt this easy.

    Responsive Editing

    Not only can you quickly view the site with different layout presets. You can also adjust the site design independently for each preview, mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • Quickly Get Up and Running

    Our quick turnkey installation means that your website will be up and running within minutes of activating your theme, with the initial design, layout and content from the demo site in place.

    Easy to customize

    With our signature front-end editor, you have a powerful tool that allows you to easily edit content and customize the look of your website with just a few clicks.

    Infinite color palettes

    Changing the color scheme on the High School WordPress Theme to match your company colors is as easy as clicking and dragging on the color picker to find the perfect hue.

    Eliminates coding

    You'll be amazed at just how easy it is to customize on the High School WordPress Theme. And best of all you can do it with absolutely no coding, using our powerful front-end editing tool.

    Add content and features with modules

    The business features mentioned are just a preview of the powerful functionality available to you when you use this theme. Choose from a variety of modules to add exciting content to your website.

    Pre-installed Google fonts

    Make your website standout with the High School WordPress Theme, which offers many font varieties with Google fonts.

  • Trusted by principals in more than 100 countries

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    Paul Howarth - U.K.

    Agility, great product, and readiness to provide competent support in any moment are just part of the things that makes your company professional.

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