• The Funeral Home WordPress Theme - grow your funeral home business online

    The Funeral Home WordPress Theme, as all of our themes, has a singular business focus. And with this theme its business is both showcasing your funeral home skills and converting visitors into clients. Optimized for mobile devices and the world's greatest front end editor are all included. And to back you up we have a dedicated video support section and multiple ways to contact us when needing support.

  • Start building sites faster than ever

    With our products we've helped thousands of clients to get online as fast as possible, with industry specific, turnkey installed WordPress themes.

  • Beautiful gallery

    Showcase your photos on the Funeral Home WordPress Theme with two-, three- or four-column image galleries. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the photo in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Eye-catching call-to-actions

    Prominent calls to actions on nearly every page of the Funeral Home WordPress Theme encourage visitors to get in touch with you online without making them search for the link.

    Client resources page

    Offer clients your suggested resources for coping through a difficult time. The Recommended page on Funeral Home WordPress Theme is ready for your text.

    Contact page

    The Funeral Home WordPress Theme makes it easy for prospective clients to reach you through the Contact page, featuring an integrated Google map and a handy form.

    Bright, clean design

    The layout of the Funeral Home WordPress Theme steers visitors to the most important parts of your website with a clear design.

    Events calendar page

    The Funeral Home WordPress Theme has a dedicated page for the various events your business might host for potential clients.

    Frequently asked questions

    Put your customers at ease by providing answers to your most frequently asked questions, before you're asked. Simply replace the text with your own and answer away!

    Made for funeral home owners

    Opposed to the average WordPress theme you can find on the internet, this Funeral Home WordPress Theme was designed specifically to create a professional online presence for funeral home owners.

    Products overview

    We've included a page on the Funeral Home WordPress Theme to show clients photos and descriptions for the range of merchandise your funeral home offers.

    Blogging feature

    Although WordPress has moved away from being a straight blogging platform, the Funeral Home WordPress Theme couldn't do without these powerful features.

    One-glance overview

    A clear service overview with nice hover effects leads interested visitors to the right areas to find the information they need.

    Service detail pages

    Express the details of each of your services in a beautiful service detail page. Add content using one of the many modules available such as texts, images, YouTube videos and image galleries.

    Go social!

    An important feature is to be able to redirect people to the most popular social media platforms you use. It's only natural that we've included these in the Funeral Home WordPress Theme.

    Introduce your team

    Establish your entire team's authority by using the Funeral Home WordPress Theme's about page to share a bit of each team member's own personal story.

  • mobile responsive Funeral Home WordPress Theme

    Superb mobile optimization with the responsive Funeral Home WordPress Theme

    Visitors who use smartphones and tablets to view your website will be treated to the same professional design and functionality of the desktop version when you use the responsive Funeral Home WordPress Theme to build your site. Right out of the box, its mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display neatly on any screen size. No coding, plugins or extra effort required! As you add new pages, posts, and other content to your website, you can feel confident that the mobile version will look great and work perfectly. Best of all, mobile visitors can simply tap on your phone number to dial.

  • Reach more prospective clients with a professional online presence

    Nowadays people will start their search for a professional funeral homes online. Not having your own site means your competitors will get a headstart when it comes to converting prospects into customers. Having a professional online presence with the Funeral Home WordPress Theme means being online becomes an asset rather than something you have to do.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Proven technology combined with a familiar look-and-feel for funeral home owners

    With the Funeral Home WordPress Theme we’ve taken theme design a a step further. Because funeral home owners have to realize that it’s not the tool that does the work for you, it’s what you do with it. You see, a formula 1 car is nothing if not driven by a professional. And owning the car is not the goal, getting to the finish line and beating the competition is. So that’s why we’ve not only based our theme on this immensely popular product, but provide funeral home owners with the proper layout which can easily be expanded to suit their individual needs. The biggest costs of getting online resides not in the products used, a theme, hosting etc., but in the hourly rate of the web designer. And we believe it’s in the best interest of both parties involved, designer and business owner, that a product is used that excels in the areas of functionality and technology. That’s the Funeral Home WordPress Theme.

  • Customizable UI

    The Nexus Framework is the first WordPress page builder to offer a truly customizable interface. Adjust interface elements to compliment your screen and your content.

    Drag & Drop

    Designing a website for funeral home owners will feel like painting after you've used the power that comes with the state-of-the-art drag-and-drop editor.

    Draggable Widths

    To make designing a website feel intuitive is no easy task. One way the Nexus Framework achieves it is with the inclusion of draggable widths and heights.

    In-line Editing

    Adjusting font color, sizes and styling is such an easy task. Just click anywhere you'd like on the page the visual builder automatically provides you with in-line editing

    Instant Content

    Often times, designing a site for a funeral home has repetitive steps to be taken. This is made more easy with copying, pasting and duplicating content elements.

    Responsive Editing

    With this Funeral Home WordPress Theme you can create layouts for various mobile layouts to create a superbly designed responsive website. And you can quicly switch between them.

  • Initial Content Included

    The Funeral Home WordPress Theme helps you save time, thanks to the website's turnkey installation which ensures that your website is nearly ready upon installation.

    Superb Maintenance

    The Funeral Home WordPress Theme comes with an easy to use drag and drop editor that makes it easy to maintain and edit your site whenever necessary.

    Create your unique style

    We have ensured the color of the website will always match the colors used by your business. Simply pick the ones you like using the integrated color picker.

    No hand coding required

    Preserve your sanity with the Funeral Home WordPress Theme. It allows you to edit your entire site through an easy to use front-end editor!


    Our powerful editing tool allows you to add features and content just by clicking on a blank module and assigning it text, video, a photo gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Google fonts Included

    The Funeral Home WordPress Theme comes with a selection of web-safe Google fonts to use in your theme, and it's easy to add additional font families using our front-end editor.

  • Trusted by funeral home owners in more than 100 countries

  • Bought one of your themes – blown away at the front end editor. WOW – nice! - I do A LOT of WordPress websites and this is now in my top two WordPress editing systems

    Tom Cuneo - U.S.

    Being a layman in the area of web design I decided to use WordPress. With the excellent support I was able to create both a beautiful and user friendly website. This makes them my preferred choice now and in the future for WordPress themes as it should be for anybody else with the same aspirations.

    Steve Verleure - Belgium

    As an experienced WP-user your theme took some time getting used to, but for the owners of the websites this is much more intuitive and easier to maintain.

    Jeroen Groenhart - Netherlands