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    The Food Truck WordPress Theme is designed to help you promote your food truck services online through a professional website. Customize the colors and styling without any coding at all.

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  • The Food Truck WordPress Theme - sculpting your online success

    With a professional food truck website built with the Food Truck WordPress Theme, you can start interacting with your clients even before they decide to use your service. The homepage of this pre-built website template features a clean, simple design that offers visitors quick navigation to information about the service they need. It's that easy to create an online presence for your business, and even customizing colors and page layouts is simple using our visual front-end editor.

  • Food Truck WordPress Theme - Blogging feature

    Blogging feature

    Like all of our themes, this Food Truck WordPress Theme comes with a blog all set up and ready for your content.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Catering form

    Catering form

    The Food Truck WordPress Theme includes a page with a customizable catering form. Add fields as needed so you'll get the important info you require from visitors who submit catering requests online.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Integrated contact form

    Integrated contact form

    The Food Truck WordPress Theme's contact page is built with useful features like an integrated Google map, route planner and a contact form that can be customized to suit your needs.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Full-page slider

    Full-page slider

    A full page slider combined with a solid design makes for a Food Truck WordPress Theme which certainly takes your online presence to the next level.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Promote your food truck

    Promote your food truck

    The Food Truck WordPress Theme is integrated with popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to easily share your content. Link to your own pages or even display your Tweets!

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Stunning photo gallery

    Stunning photo gallery

    Add an image gallery to any page or post on this responsive WordPress theme for truck owners. Clicking on any thumbnail opens the image in an elegant lightbox slideshow.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - For truck owners

    For truck owners

    The Food Truck WordPress Theme is designed with the specific business needs of truck owners in mind. With the important pages and features already in place, your website is more than halfway there!

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Dining options

    Dining options

    A clear and readable menu page is an important part of every food truck website. The Food Truck WordPress Theme is built with placeholder text and images ready for your own dishes and descriptions.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Press page

    Press page

    The Food Truck WordPress Theme allows you to display media mentions, it's a great way to build your authority.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Overview of services

    Overview of services

    The Food Truck WordPress Theme's homepage is laid out rock solid. With a beautifully symmetrically aligned service overview for you to showcase your particular skill-set.

    Food Truck WordPress Theme - Convey social proof

    Convey social proof

    Share your best reviews on the Food Truck WordPress Theme's Testimonials page. Replace the text with your own reviews and they will automatically be styled as you see here.

  • mobile responsive Food Truck WordPress Theme

    Embrace mobile with the Food Truck WordPress Theme

    What is a food truck business that doesn't adhere to the latest web design trends. We understand that web design is completely different from your specific trade, but your clients don't care. They want to see a rock solid website that gives the best user experience no matter what device they use. The good news is that the fully responsive Food Truck WordPress Theme will do just that without any coding form your part, without any external plugins and without you ever again having to think about it. Even after you start expanding your website.

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