• Florist Astra Starter Site

    A complete WordPress theme for florists

    If you've been forced to settle for a generic website that doesn't fully communicate your strengths, now is the time to make a change. That's because the Florist Astra Starter Site was made specifically to suit the needs of florist services. The visually appealing theme makes it drop-dead simple to grow your business.

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    * Astra Agency Bundle

    The Florist Astra Starter Site is made available through one of the Agency Bundles from Astra. Astra provides excellent compatibility with mayor website builders, including Elementor. And it provides great configurability with WordPress' own Customizer. These two ways ensure that even newcomers to WordPress and aspiring site owners can easily and quickly create a website.

    A valid license of the Astro Pro theme is necessary to use this hosting package. You can obtain a license by purchasing the pro version of the Astra theme. The pro version of the Astra theme include white-labelling, extensive site layouts, more color controls, sticky headers, multiple blog layouts, better typography, and header and footer layouts,

  • The Florist Astra Starter Site - stylish online promotion for florists

    Our Florist Astra Starter Site comes with everything you need to create a professional, responsive website for your florist business, so all that's left to do is drop in your own text and photos and customize it to suit your needs. This premium WordPress theme's clean, simple design provides an elegant framework to present organized information and showcase photos of your best work. Using our unique front-end editor and drag and drop widgets, this website template for florists allows you to build and maintain a great-looking, informative website without any coding at all. Take a tour of the demo site and imagine the possibilities for your own florist website, built with the Florist Astra Starter Site!

  • Florist Astra Starter Site - Customer testimonials

    Customer testimonials

    Convert more visitors into clients when you share some of your best reviews from satisfied customers on the Testimonials page included in the Florist Astra Starter Site.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Project overview page

    Project overview page

    Display a thumbnail and a short introduction for each project to give visitors an easy-to-navigate overview of your portfolio. Clicking on a thumbnail directs visitors to a detailed project page.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Great call-to-actions

    Great call-to-actions

    Each page of the Florist Astra Starter Site features eye-catching calls to action that encourage visitors to take the next step and get in touch.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Stunning photo gallery

    Stunning photo gallery

    No website can do without beautiful image galleries. So our Florist Astra Starter Site has the option to create them quickly and simply. No external plugins are required so you're sure they integrate perfectly and symmetrically on every page.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Additional trust

    Additional trust

    A perfect place for your audience to get to know you better is the about page. Here you can divulge something personal about you or your team.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Team overview

    Team overview

    Establish your entire team's authority by using the Florist Astra Starter Site's about page to share a bit of each team member's own personal story.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Your services online

    Your services online

    The Florist Astra Starter Site offers a birds eye view of your services via the strategically placed service overview, which appears on the homepage.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - Clear contact details

    Clear contact details

    The Contact page of the Florist Astra Starter Site includes space for your details and directions, as well as an integrated Google map, route planner and a contact form.

    Florist Astra Starter Site - For florists

    For florists

    The Florist Astra Starter Site is designed with the specific business needs of florists in mind. Elegant design and pages for each type of service are just the beginning.

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  • Dazzling mobile design with the responsive Florist Astra Starter Site

    A great way to complement your existing clientele is to showcase your particular skillset via your website. And no better way to do that for any florist business than with the responsive Florist Astra Starter Site. The first thing any person who is interested in somebody with your skills will do, is to start searching online. It's one thing to have a website and be out there in the first place. It's a second thing that your website showcases your company the best way possible, no matter what device is being used. This responsive Florist Astra Starter Site does just that heightening your possibility to get quality online leads.

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