• The Election WordPress Theme - sleek stylish web design for elections

    Convince clients of your expertise in election services with a great-looking website that presents them with all the info they're looking for. The Election WordPress Theme is designed to help you easily create a professional online presence just by replacing the text and photos on this sleek pre-built website template. With the Election WordPress Theme, you can build and maintain a great-looking website that will attract new clients and grow your business.

  • Build sites with the speed of light

    With our products we've helped thousands of clients to get online as fast as possible, with industry specific, turnkey installed WordPress themes.

  • For campaign managers

    Increase customer expectations with Election WordPress Theme which was made specifically for campaign managers.

    Helpful contact page

    Every business website needs clear contact information. The Election WordPress Theme's contact page includes a Google map, route planner and customizable contact form.

    Built-in blog

    The Election WordPress Theme is an excellent theme to create appealing and eye-catching content. Your individual blog items are nicely highlighted on your homepage and a dedicated "blog" page.

    Service listing

    The homepage of this WordPress theme for campaign managers is designed to present visitors with an appealing overview your services along with quick navigation to more detailed pages.

    Clickable call to actions

    Don't let your visitors forget why they came to your site in the first place! Encourage them to contact you with call-to-action buttons located throughout the pages of this WordPress theme.

    Service details

    We've included easy-to-customize pages for each of your services, with space for photos, text and a whole slew of other elements you can instantly activate with our front-end editor.

    Colorful design

    The layout of the Election WordPress Theme steers visitors to the most important parts of your website with a clear design.

  • mobile responsive Election WordPress Theme

    Beautiful design for mobile devices with the responsive Election WordPress Theme

    It's important for your website to show visitors that you're up-to-date with the latest technology. Make sure that visitors accessing your website on smartphones and tablets experience the same professional look and design of the desktop version with the responsive Election WordPress Theme. We've built this premium website template with a mobile-optimized design that will automatically adjust the layout of your content to render beautifully on any screen size. Mobile visitors can simply tap on your phone number or a call-to-action button to dial.

  • The perfect balance between ease of use and technological prowess

    Ideal for any type of campaign team, the Election WordPress Theme is designed to help you quickly create a professional website and attract new clients online.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Marketing power combined with technical innovation

    The Election WordPress Theme is built with the Nexus Framework. In the hands of a skilled web designer, the Nexus Framework is an awesome website creation tool that’ll spoil you. Though it has a pretty steep learning curve, once you’re comfortable around the controls, things will feel very intuitive. It very much mimics the way you would use a word processing tool to create in fill in a page layout, but specifically geared towards web design. So if you’re familiar with those kind of tools, you’ll feel right at home using the Nexus Framework. Another huge feature of using Nexus is not so much the product itself but its place within the premium theme industry. Nexus Themes, the company behind the Nexus Framework, has been around for quite some time and has been at the forefront of theme development. The Nexus Framework is their flagship tool. And the products have garnered a huge share of devoted followers, both end-users and web designers.

  • Customizable UI

    You can greatly speed up your web design workflow and finetune the Election WordPress Theme with the help of an adjustable user interface. A first with the Nexus Framework.

    Drag & Drop

    Designing a website for campaign managers will feel like painting after you've used the power that comes with the state-of-the-art drag-and-drop editor.

    Draggable Widths

    You'll love the way you make put page layout creation not feel like an arduous task with the help of draggable widths and heights to create awesome whitespace.

    In-line Editing

    With the Nexus Framework web designers will finally have an all powerful way to edit and adjust content when they are busy designing the site as well.

    Instant Content

    The Nexus Framework turns a website into a canvas where web designers very quickly can edit, duplicate and re-arrange sections, columns, rows and other content elements.

    Responsive Editing

    Making a solid responsive website for campaign managers is easier than every with the help of switching between different layout previews.

  • Turnkey Install

    With our speedy turnkey installation, your sushi bar website will be online in no time, with the design, layout and placeholder content from the demo site ready for your own text and photos.

    Intuitive interface

    Maintain websites quickly with the Election WordPress Theme. It comes with a quick and easy to use drag and drop editor that allows you to edit your site at your convenience.

    Colors that always match your style

    In just seconds you’ll be able to change the color scheme of your entire website by simply clicking and dragging on the color picker to set your signature colors.

    Say goodbye to coding

    Say goodbye to manual coding with the Election WordPress Theme's quick and easy to use front end editor.


    Copy and paste or drag and drop modules to rearrange page layouts. Add new features by clicking on a blank module and assigning it text, video, a Twitter feed or a variety or content types.

    Vast set of Google fonts

    The Election WordPress Theme comes pre-integrated with Google fonts so that you can expand your font selection.

  • Trusted by campaign managers in more than 100 countries

  • Thanks to your stunning theme my stats have gone through the roof and I have had lots of feedback complementing me on the navigation ease and how great it looks on a mobile. I am thrilled with the outcome.

    Tracy Lilley - Australia

    An easy to use website is a must for any startup. The website I created with this WordPress theme is great value for money and exactly what I was looking for. I want to keep control over my site and this WordPress theme does just that.

    Olle Geurts - Netherlands

    Man.. this is what i call GOOD SERVICE

    Maxi Cab Services - Singapore