• Credit Repair WordPress Theme

    The best-selling Credit Repair WordPress Theme of 2020

    We are the first theme provider to design a WordPress theme for credit repair specialists. We created a design that reflected the trust needed within this industry and the content to give credit repair businesses a headstart when building their own website. Although many competitors have tried to copy our design and layout, we can proudly state that even in 2020 our Credit Repair WordPress Theme is still the best-selling one in the market.

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  • Helping you to build your online future as the go-to credit repair professional

    The reason we've been the best-selling Credit Repair WordPress Theme is simple. If you look just a bit closer at our competitor's products you see that they try to trick you. Either they're very generic layouts have nothing to do with the credit repair business at all. Or they've duplicated one design multiple times and only changed the homepage color and main image.

    What we've done is to combine a professional design with specific credit repair web content and power it with a very easy-to-use website builder. What this does for you is to grant you the ability to start with the exact same site as you can see in the demo. That means your own credit repair website will focus on the right goal. Which is getting new leads of people either signing up for your credit repair program or calling you with the click-to-call telephone button. You will lower the threshold for them to do so with the inclusion of trust icons, a dedicated FAQ section and client testimonials. Maybe even a financial oriented blog section, to really help your clients with the right information to get them out of the challenging situation they're in.

    For a small premium you even get all of the licensed stockphotos, a feature which is totally free if you decide to also host the site with us. The hosting also includes an automated daily backup system, fool-proof web security and of course a dedicated team of support professionals to help you out when needed. And our 30-day money-back guarantee makes our Credit Repair WordPress Theme a no-brainer for anyone operating in this specific industry.

  • Bring in new leads

    The contact page on this premium WordPress theme for finance businesses includes an integrated Google map and a handy, easy-to-customize contact form.

    Professional design

    The Credit Repair WordPress Theme has a design that clearly demonstrates your added value as a credit repair expert. With a design that's both professional and a layout that focuses on just the right amount of information.

    Sign up form

    The heart of your website should revolve around bringing in new prospects. Besides your general contact information a way for visitors to signup for your credit repair services is the perfect way to reach this goal.

    Dedicated FAQ section

    Once a person has decided he or she wants to get help with their financial situation, they will still have a great many questions they need answered. A FAQ page with links to underlying articles is included.

    Trust icons

    Trust icons are used to show either your accreditations, affiliations or, in the case of credit repair services, show the major credit bureau brands. It will be a sign of familiarity for your client.

    Testimonial overview

    The Credit Repair WordPress Theme let's you include testimonials of clients you've successfully helped in the past. Readymade sections are on the homepage and its own Testimonials page. The perfect tool to establish trust with your clients.

    Credit repair results

    Foreclosures, repossessions, late payments, civil claims and the like. Any credit repair expert will be familiar with these terms. With the Credit Repair WordPress Theme you can easily integrate your track record and show how many removals you've been able to create.

    Credit education

    Part of the responsibility of a credit repair specialist is to educate their clients, in terms they understand, how to stay out of financial trouble once you've gotten them out of it. A Credit Education page is included for this purpose.

    Educational blog

    Including a blog on your site will take some time. But even in 2020 it still is an extremely powerful online marketing instrument to get you higher in the rankings. And it's the perfect tool to educate your clients.

    Contact section

    No website can do without a contact section. The Credit Repair WordPress Theme is no exception. this page will provide you with an easy way to include a contact form, your general contact information and anything else you'd want to include.

    Click-to-call phonenumber

    We've included a way to integrate your phonenumber very easily. It's always in the header. So even on very small displays it's clearly visible. And website visitors can immediately call you on mobile phones with the click-to-call functionality.

    Credit repair roadmap

    To help your clients navigate the complex terrain that'll lead them out off their financial issues, we've added a helpful credit repair roadmap. You can easily edit it to fit your own requirements.

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  • The responsive Credit Repair WordPress Theme will look professional on every device

    Is the Credit Repair WordPress Theme easy to use and maintain? A resounding "yes!" is our answer. Can you edit the texts, upload your own photos and expand upon the initial layout as you see fit? Of course! And will the layout still look breathtaking no matter what device is being used? Absolutely. We understand that the average website owner understands the need of a mobile-optimized website but doesn't necessarily understand how to achieve this. That's why the Credit Repair WordPress Theme takes away this burden from you. Every component of this theme is developed in such a way that it supports you in creating the perfect design while still staying responsive. Web elements automatically scale, realign and redesign themselves altogether. That way visitors to your credit repair website will always see that professional look-and-feel that you want to put on display.

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