• The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme - the engine of your online success

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme is a low-maintenance, pre-built website template specifically designed for plastic surgeons. Its bold look and neat layout add up to a quick way for plastic surgeons to create an online presence that projects professionalism. Relevant pages are already set up with text and images so all that's left to do is drop in your own content. Absolutely no coding skills are required to change the color scheme and adjust page layouts using our visual front-end editing tool. Take a look at the demo site and try it risk-free for three days to find out how the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme can help you expand your reach and grow your plastic surgery business online.

  • Shave hours of your web design workflow

    Using Divi themes has sped up the design process of professional web designers across all continents in dozens of countries around the globe.

  • For plastic surgeons

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme was made specifically with the business needs of plastic surgeons in mind in order to ensure the best match for your website.

    Great call-to-actions

    This theme is goal oriented. It's all about getting people committed to the solution you can provide them with clean and concise call-to-actions.

    Strong contact section

    Besides space for your contact details, an integrated Google map and route planner, the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme's Contact page includes a form that can be easily customized to suit your needs.

    Financing page

    The cost of cosmetic surgery is a concern for most patients. Provide important information about financing options on the dedicated page of this web template for plastic surgery clinics.

    Link to printable PDF's

    This WordPress theme for plastic surgeons allows you to include PDF forms that visitors can click to download and print.

    Clean, accessible design

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme is beautifully designed with rich features, a clean layout and an eye-catching color scheme. With your own photos and text your website will be up and running in no time.


    Designed with clear distinctions between the questions and answers, the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme's FAQ page is ready to be filled with your most frequently asked Qs and As.

    Booking form

    One of the main assets of the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme has to be its online appointment booking form. You can change the fields as needed and greatly enhance your online business.

    Rock solid detail pages

    Show prospective clients the amenities your business offers on the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme's fully-customizable service detail pages.

    Social media options

    Included with the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme are icons for the most popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to simply click to follow you online or share your content on their pages.

    Team page

    A great way to give your website a personal touch is to introduce your team of plastic surgeons. We've set up a page on the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme with spots for profile pics and short bios.


    The testimonial section allows your customers to share valuable feedback with the world. In turn, you can use the testimonials to further market your services. It's a win-win!

  • mobile responsive Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme

    Awesome responsive design with the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme

    Are you equipped to handle website traffic from mobile visitors? If not, the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme can help. You can use this easy to use template to set up a stunning website that responds to all mobile devices and best of all, you don't need to hire a fancy designer to do it!

  • Get up and running with the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme

    Show visitors what you're all about with a sleek, professional website that lets your personality and message shine through. The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme is a pre-built template that you can fill in with your own text and photos and easily customize without any coding at all.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Proven technology combined with a familiar look-and-feel for plastic surgeons

    The Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme is built with the Nexus Framework, which has quickly established itself as the dominant site-builder tool. This means that this Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme enables plastic surgeons to get the help of a professional web designer that already knows how this theme works. With a solid amount of developers and a huge community to help out, using the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme is a risk-aversive and wise decision for any plastic surgeon.

  • Customizable UI

    You can greatly speed up your web design workflow and finetune the Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme with the help of an adjustable user interface. A first with the Nexus Framework.

    Drag & Drop

    We've come a long way since WordPress' inception and with the Nexus Framework web designers have the most powerful drag-and-drop editor at their disposal.

    Draggable Widths

    White space is a web designer favorite. A tool to quickly enhance a site design. With the visual builder you have the option to do this using draggable widths.

    In-line Editing

    Going back-and-forth between the what's written in the backend and actually displayed on the website is a thing of the past with in-line editing.

    Instant Content

    Adjusting layouts is as easy ass adding new rows and columns. Combine that with duplicating and copying and pasting and you've got one powerful editor.

    Responsive Editing

    Not anymore do web designers have to drag their browser window back and forth. Creating a quality responsive website is made easy with several layout previews.

  • Get online in a snap

    The first time you activate the theme you will get an initial set of content through the turnkey feature. This guarantees that your site will be up and running for something like 80% within 1 minutes of your time.

    Simple maintenance

    With the state-of-the-art front end editor maintaining your website becomes a whole new fulfilling experience.

    Color customization

    Choose the colors that suit your style and make this Cosmetic Surgery WordPress Theme your own! Picking your color palette is as easy and dragging the cursor until you find the perfect hue.

    Say goodbye to coding

    Give your plastic surgery website a personalized look and feel without any coding using our powerful front-end editing tool. Customize the colors and style of your site with just a few clicks.

    Add content and features with modules

    Add more text, video, a photo gallery or other features just by clicking on a blank module and assigning it one of the many content types available to choose from.

    Integrated web fonts

    Personalize the look and feel of this website template for plastic surgeons by choosing from the selection of web-safe Google fonts included.

  • The best choice for plastic surgeons all over the world

  • As a web designer, I am always on the lookout for great Wordpress themes. Ideally, they are highly customizable, but still intuitive enough for easy management. These mobile WordPress themes offer me all this, and with excellent support as an added bonus! Their WordPress themes are my first choice when designing for clients.

    Michiel Klaassen - Netherlands

    Thanks again for the best support I've ever had from any theme maker!

    Steve Berchtold - U.S.

    We were able to set up a great responsive website very quickly and easily. Whenever we had questions, your support has been outstanding. Highly recommended.

    Dr. Zofia Wojt - Canada