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    A professional online presence can make the difference for customers when choosing a cleaner in your area. Start with the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme and get your services online fast without any coding at all! This pre-built WordPress theme is designed specifically for cleaners and ready for your own text and photos.

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  • The Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - a pre-built website template for the cleaning industry

    If you're used to building and customizing websites with coding and plugins, you won't believe how quickly and easily you can create a new website for your cleaning services with the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme. Designed to get your website online fast, simply replace the images and text to get the job done in no time. Customizing the color scheme and layout is simple and requires no coding at all using our powerful front-end editing tool. You'll be able to drag and drop images and blocks of text and display content in columns without HTML tables. Maintaining your website with text changes and new content can be handed off to anyone on your team who can manage a simple CMS. Build a state-of-the-art website faster than ever before with the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme.

  • Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - cleaning articles

    cleaning articles

    Your news, pictures and other articles can be incorporated with the all powerful blog features of this WordPress theme.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Get them to request an offer

    Get them to request an offer

    One of the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme's main calls to action leads visitors of your website to a page where they can fill in an online quote request form. Easily customize the field as needed.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - For cleaners

    For cleaners

    Before we began designing the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme, we went to cleaners to learn which features they'd like to see in a theme for this industry.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Convincing call-to-actions

    Convincing call-to-actions

    This theme is goal oriented. It's all about getting people committed to the solution you can provide them with clean and concise call-to-actions.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Integrated contact form

    Integrated contact form

    One of the most important pages on any website is a clear contact page, and this WordPress theme goes above and beyond with an integrated Google map, route planner and a customizable contact form.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Mouth-watering design

    Mouth-watering design

    The Cleaner Business WordPress Theme is beautifully designed to offer visitors a wealth of information in an organized manner, while allowing your own character to shine through.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - FAQ section

    FAQ section

    Offer answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme's FAQ page. It's filled with placeholder text and ready for your own content.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Pricing charts

    Pricing charts

    The Cleaner Business WordPress Theme contains already configured pricing tables, which can be easily edited to hold your own pricing figures.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Solid detail pages

    Solid detail pages

    With the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme you have a quality tool to create elegant and appealing service detail pages with above-average layout and styling.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Convenient services overview

    Convenient services overview

    The homepage of the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme features a helpful overview with links to each of your services, offering clients a quick way to find out what you can do for them.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Go social!

    Go social!

    No extra plugins are required to display sharing and following icons for the most popular social media platforms with the Cleaner Business WordPress Theme.

    Cleaner Business WordPress Theme - Express authority

    Express authority

    Convey trust through various partner and association affiliations. A dedicated building block easily injects the necessary icons.

  • mobile responsive Cleaner Business WordPress Theme

    Dazzling design for every screen size with the responsive Cleaner Business WordPress Theme

    You probably know how important it is for your website to make a professional impression even when viewed on small screens. Right out of the box, the responsive Cleaner Business WordPress Theme is built to offer mobile visitors the same sleek design and intuitive navigation of the desktop version. Our mobile-optimized design automatically adjusts to the screen size of any handheld device, without any extra coding or plugins required, and mobile visitors can just tap your phone number to dial or tap your email to compose a message. You can feel confident that your website will look great and work perfectly even as you add new content and as new types of mobile devices enter the market.

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