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    Extend your chiropractor facility online with the Chiropractor WordPress theme

    Whether you or an associate will be responsible for maintaining and updating your online presence, the Chiropractor WordPress theme has drastically lowered the amount of time needed to do so. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy of running a well performing chiropractor facility. This website template makes sure you can spend your energy where it's most needed, and we understand that's not behind a computer screen.

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  • The Chiropractor WordPress theme - serving as the foundation for your next step online

    We have long moved past the notion that a great looking web presence needs to cost a boatload of money. The Chiropractor Wordpress theme is testament to the fact that anything a professionial chiropractor needs ships in a very affordable package. It's a business theme so the main layout promotes your main services and call to action. It's general feel is geared towards conveying professionalism and trustworthiness. Furthermore it has all the basics in place for your target audience. A dedicated section for patients, where they can find important forms, a tour of your facility, what to expect when they become your client, information on payment options, pages detailing your various services and of course a blog and contact section. A prominent placement of your telephone number right in the header ensures, together with the fact that the theme is mobile optimized, that your prospective patients will be able to find you no matter what device they use. With some top notch support to back you up, a turnkey installation and automated updates this will be the theme for any chiropractor out there. But convince yourself this Chiropractor WordPress theme will service your facility the best way possible.

  • Blog overview

    Keeping your blog updated regularly can increase page views and help boost rankings.The Chiropractor WordPress Theme comes with a blog, plus several sample articles.

    Made for chiropractors

    Increase customer expectations with Chiropractor WordPress Theme which was made specifically for chiropractors.

    Eye-catching call-to-actions

    Determine yourself which call to actions you want your website visitors to take. We've included a business specific set of call-to-actions in the right place.

    Clear contact information

    The contact page on the Chiropractor WordPress Theme includes an integrated Google map and route planner, as well as a contact form so potential clients can get in touch anytime.

    Link to printable PDF's

    This premium WordPress theme for healt centers allows you to link buttons or images to PDF pages that visitors can simply click to download and print forms.

    Polished, professional design

    Right out of the box, the Chiropractor WordPress Theme your website will have a slick, professional look and practical business features for chiropractor.

    Beautiful service details

    Provide deeper detail regarding your services on your detail pages. A list of quick links on the sidebar allows visitors to easily navigate to other service pages.

    Services overview

    Offer information about the services you offer by simply replacing the text on the website's hompage.

    Social media

    Embedding a Twitter or Facebook feed is a feature that is included in this premium WordPress theme. Simply configure your account to direct to your social media pages.

    Staff directory

    Become the expert in your area, make your staff feel proud by placing them on the site and telling something about what makes theme tick.

    Share client reviews

    Share your best reviews on the Chiropractor WordPress Theme's Testimonials page. Replace the text with your own reviews and they will automatically be styled as you see here.

  • desktop screenshot Chiropractor WordPress Theme
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    tablet screenshot Chiropractor WordPress Theme
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  • Visual perfection on every device with the responsive Chiropractor WordPress theme

    Conveying professionalism may come natural to you as a chiropractor in the daily routine of your facility. Faced with the day to day task of helping individuals with the various ailments they need your specialized skill set for may detract you from the necessity of a solid responsive design. Provided you know what that means in the first place. We're professionals in the WordPress theme business, which means all of our themes adhere to the industries standard in displaying website's on various devices. Your Chiropractor WordPress theme is no exception to this rule. Your professionalism will keep shining through with this responsive theme, now and in the future.

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