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    A smart business solution for car wash owners

    Designed exclusively for car washes, the Car Wash Astra Starter Site is just right for your business. The visually appealing theme makes it drop-dead easy to build an online presence and grow your car wash business. Simply replace the placeholder content with your text and images and you're off to the races!

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    The Car Wash Astra Starter Site uses the free version of the Astra theme. Astra provides excellent compatibility with mayor website builders, including Elementor. And it provides great configurability with WordPress' own Customizer. These two ways ensure that even newcomers to WordPress and aspiring site owners can easily and quickly create a website.

    We encourage you to consider purchasing the pro version of the Astra theme to extend its rich functionality with additional features. These features include white-labelling, extensive site layouts, more color controls, sticky headers, multiple blog layouts, better typography, and header and footer layouts,

  • The Car Wash Astra Starter Site - simply designed so your car wash business can shine

    Having a professional website for your car wash services doesn't have to break the bank. With the Car Wash Astra Starter Site, we've made it manageable and affordable for car wash owners to build and maintain a great-looking and informative website without any coding required at all. Easily change the color scheme, style text and rearrange page layouts with our powerful front-end editor and drag and drop widgets. Our mobile-optimized design ensures that your site will impress clients even when viewed on small screens. The Car Wash Astra Starter Site is a smart investment that helps you convey the professionalism and expertise of your car wash business online.

  • Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Bright calls-to-action

    Bright calls-to-action

    Visitors to your site will be greeted with bright calls to action, in strategic locations and clear invitations to reach you.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Clean service overview

    Clean service overview

    The clean layout of the Car Wash Astra Starter Site let's your website's visitor know instantly what solution you can offer for their respective problems.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Testimonials


    Tooting your own horn is not nearly as effective as letting someone else do the talking. The testimonial section is a great tool to achieve this goal.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Unique Selling Proposition

    Unique Selling Proposition

    Distinguish yourself from the competition and make your business stand out more with the help of a USP section.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Integrated social media

    Integrated social media

    The WordPress theme is integrated with popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to easily share your content. Link to your own pages or even display your Tweets!

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Trustworthy presentation

    Trustworthy presentation

    The Car Wash Astra Starter Site has a dedicated feature to display your professional you or your team members to the public.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Clear contact info

    Clear contact info

    Let your customers know how to reach you on the accompanying contact page that includes helpful features like a contact form and integrated Google map.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Click-to-call Button

    Click-to-call Button

    A click-to-call button is located in the header. That means that on a smartphone your clients can easily call you with a single click.

    Car Wash Astra Starter Site - Made for car wash owners

    Made for car wash owners

    We conducted thorough research, before developing this theme, to determine the specific business needs of car wash owners. This ensures that the theme best matches your needs.

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  • Great design with the responsive Car Wash Astra Starter Site

    Building your website with this responsive Car Wash Astra Starter Site ensures that visitors who browse your pages using any type of handheld device will enjoy a great mobile experience. Our mobile-optimized design will not only adjust your content to display beautifully on any screen size, this happens automatically without any additional coding or plugins required. As you add new pages or photos to your website and as new smartphones and tables enter the market over the years, your website will continue to look great and work perfectly even on small screens.

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