• The Butcher WordPress Theme - upbeat fun design for butcher businesses

    The Butcher WordPress Theme packs a lot more punch than the average WordPress theme on the same subject. It features the most sophisticated website maintenance tool on the planet and is a fully mobile WordPress theme. Whether you're working in the butcher business yourself, or you make a living building websites for these kind of clients, you're ensured that the Butcher WordPress Theme will get the job done quickly, easily and professionally.

  • We focus on speed of implementation

    All of our products are based on the concept of getting online as fast as possible with the least amount of work necessary to make it so.

  • Full-blown news section

    Built-in and ready-to-use, this theme's blog is easy to update regularly with fresh content to help boost your search engine rankings. A few example posts are set up to get you started.

    Contact us page

    Besides space for your contact details, an integrated Google map and route planner, the Butcher WordPress Theme's Contact page includes a form that can be easily customized to suit your needs.

    Made for butchers

    Before we began designing the Butcher WordPress Theme, we went to butchers to learn which features they'd like to see in a theme for this industry.

    Contact page with route planner

    Every business website needs clear contact information. The Butcher WordPress Theme's contact page includes a Google map, route planner and customizable contact form.

    Rock solid design

    Each detail page, like the one describing your various services, is also uncluttered and optimized to convey information alongside a smartly structured sidebar.

    Featured services

    On the Services Overview area of this WordPress theme, visitors can see an intro to your services in one glance and conveniently navigate to pages with more info.

    Beautiful service details

    We've set up the Butcher WordPress Theme with pages for details about each of your services and business solutions to help get your website online fast.

    Add value with recipes

    The Butcher WordPress Theme comes with an easy to use recipe template to help build your shop's trust. Just add recipe text for instant authority!

    Clean rates overview

    With the Butcher WordPress Theme, you can offer visitors a neat, appealing presentation of your rates and services just by replacing the text and prices on the built-in charts.

    Appealing service pages

    The Butcher WordPress Theme comes pre-populated with service pages designed to suit the needs of butchers. Simply replace the default content and that's it!

    Service pages

    Right on the homepage is an easily editable services overview. Each service is linked to an individual page where you're able to give more details about the specifics.

    Promote your business

    Take advantage of the social media options included with the Butcher WordPress Theme to get the word out about your butcher shop and attract new visitors online.

  • mobile responsive Butcher WordPress Theme

    Intuitive mobile design with the responsive Butcher WordPress Theme

    If you want a sleek mobile version of your new website, you'll be glad to know that our responsive Butcher WordPress Theme is mobile-optimized right out of the box. Without any additional coding or plugins required, this website template will automatically adjust the layout of your text and photos to display neatly on any screen size. Mobile visitors will enjoy the the same professional design and user-friendly navigation of the desktop version, plus the ability to simply tap on your phone number to dial.

  • Promote your business online with the Butcher WordPress Theme

    Taking the step towards online promotion not only means your butcher shop up for an increase in revenue. It also means you can add more value to peoples lives.

  • Includes Nexus Framework - Proven technology combined with a familiar look-and-feel for butchers

    There are probably very few butchers who decide to build their own website. If there are, they shouldn’t because it’s a realm reserved for those with the proper skills to navigate it. The reason we’ve chosen Nexus Framework is because it has a proven trackrecord, a myriad of design options and is well-known in the web design community. This way butchers have the biggest chance of finding a professional with the knowledge and experience of the tool to help them out the best way they can. This in turn is very important for the continuity of your online presence, since it’s not to uncommon for business owners to change web designers.

  • Customizable UI

    You can greatly speed up your web design workflow and finetune the Butcher WordPress Theme with the help of an adjustable user interface. A first with the Nexus Framework.

    Drag & Drop

    Website builders have become more common in the WordPress community, but none does it as well and as intuitive as the Nexus Framework.

    Draggable Widths

    Dragging widths and heights is such a wonderful experience in the visual builder. You are going to love how easy it is to create beautiful white space.

    In-line Editing

    The option to edit content by remaining on the page is drastically going to speed up your workflow and get the website finished in a way that makes sense.

    Instant Content

    Choose between layout presets or create your own custom layouts with rows and columns. And copy, paste, duplicate them on top of that.

    Responsive Editing

    Designing the food site for different devices can be done by switching between different previews. Phone, tablet and desktop are all included

  • Quick installation

    In just minutes your new butcher website will be up and running with the initial design, layout and content of the demo site in place and ready for your own photos and text.


    Unequalled in the WordPress community the Butcher WordPress Theme houses the first true front end editor which let you maintain the site almost without using the backend.

    Easily edit colors

    Updating your site's color palette is simple with the Butcher WordPress Theme, which features one of the web's most easy to use color pickers.

    No coding skills needed

    No coding is necessary to change colors or style your content when you use the Butcher WordPress Theme to build your website.

    Drag and drop modules

    The Butcher WordPress Theme makes it easy to add content and features to your website. Click on a blank module to assign it text, video, a gallery or a variety of other content types.

    Unlimited Google fonts

    With its Google Font integration, the Butcher WordPress Theme makes it easy to further customize your website's appearance.

  • Join other butchers who have become raving fans!

  • Even for a person like me (I am from the time the internet didn't exist) it was easy to build my website. I received many compliments about the fact that my site looks so professional. Thanks guys!

    Henk Klijn - Netherlands

    I really love working with these WordPress themes. It's so easy to use: add all those widgets and drag them around the framework. Front end editing makes it very easy for my customers to maintain their own website.

    Sabine van Erp - Netherlands

    The new website, with your wonderfully elegant design work, is a resounding success and projects our business in just the right light.

    Twin Rivers Golf Club - U.S.