• Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme

    The best WordPress theme in 2020 for your inflatable rental business

    If you're looking for a website for your inflatables business that is both beautiful and professional the Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme is the one for you. It's the best WordPress theme in the market for this industry and has been one of our top-sellers. Go see for yourself why this theme trumps its competition.

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  • The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme will make your site look fun and professional at the same time

    We always love designing WordPress themes for some of the more exotic industries out there. And the inflatable rental industry fits that description perfectly. We didn't hold back in any way when designing the Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme. It has since become one of our top-sellers and rightfully so. And you have decided that for 2020 it is the best WordPress theme to serve as the foundation for a inflatable rental business website, bar none.

    And the reason it has received the accolades it deserves is easily seen when taking a closer look. The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme has a gorgeous playful design that really drives home the joy your business can bring to any event. It offers a clear overview of various inflatable categories right on the homepage. Each of those categories will lead to individual overview pages and detail pages. And on top of that you've got a Testimonial section, an FAQ page, Pricing information, a Rental checklist, a Special overview, a place to inform visitors to your site about delivery locations. The list goes on an on.

    Each of these pages come pre-packaged with the theme and can be very easily edited with the built-in website builder. This tool has become a fan-favorite for many of our clients who run small to medium web design businesses. And we have seen it being used by the same clients for multiple if not dozens of websites.

  • Eye-popping design

    Your inflatable rental business is about having fun and bringing smiles to people's faces. The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme's dazzling design supports that mission statement with bright colors and stunning imagery.

    Great call-to-actions

    Actively invite people to fill out the Order form with strategically placed call-to-actions. They are the perfect way to attract new leads for your inflatable business.

    Order form

    We've taken the time to flesh out an extended Order Form in the Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme. Easily connect it to an email address of your choosing and edit it to include your specific requirements.

    Bouncy castle categories

    Neatly displaying the various categories you have on offer is a great way to point people to the right page. From bouncy castles, to combos, party extras, slides and more. The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme has them all.

    Trust icons

    Trust icons are a great way to increase the trust you're trying to establish with the website visitor to choose you over the competition. The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme has a neat little feature to include your affilliations and accreditations.

    Social media integration

    The inflatable rental business provides ample opportunity to create fantastic social media content. You can integrate your accounts with clickable accounts that blend in with your color scheme.

    Category overview

    Each category on the homepage leads to their own overview page, which in turn lead to product detail pages. New entries within a certain category are automatically added to the overview page.

    Product detail page

    Eye-catching detail pages with photo galleries let's you show of your bouncy castles and other inflatable products. You can include pricing information on this page in either plain text or pricing tables.

    Delivery locations

    Each event for which your services will probably be in a different location. The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme has a page where you can include all your delivery locations and the potential extra driving fee.

    Terms and agreements

    The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme comes with a terms and agreements page. With placeholder content to include information concerning delivery and pickup, site preparation, and payments.


    When your a professional in the inflatable business you're bound to get awesome testimonials after each event. The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme has a dedicated page where you can post the best ones.

    Insurance and damage waiver

    Not the most sexy part of your business but absolutely crucial from legal perspective. It's the insurance page where people will be able to download insurance information and the damage waiver.

    Rental checklist

    When dealing with clients you want the information necessary for you to fulfill the client's request. On the Rental Checklist page you ask the right questions upfront so there won't be any nasty surprises down the line.


    Your clients might have many questions and a dedicated FAQ section is a great way to answer them. The included FAQ questions and asnwers can easily be edited and expanded to suit your wishes.

    Employment page

    As a little extra the Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme also includes an employment page. It's nothing fancy an obviously you can create any page you'd like, but it's a nice touch to have it with navigation elements pointing correctly to it.

    Specials overview

    Corporate parties, kids parties divided into boys and girls, toddlers, water parties and whatever you can come up with, the Specials overview with detail pages has got you covered.

    Contact section

    Of course the Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme comes with a Contact page, which is a must-have for any website. That includes the one you're going to build for your own inflatable busiiness. A Contact form and a Google Map are included.

    Click-to-call phonenumber

    A nice little touch comes in the form of the click-to-call button in the main navigation. When people visit your site using a smartphone they can immediately call you simply by tapping the button.

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    tablet screenshot Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme
    mobile phone screenshot Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme
  • The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme is the perfect solution to get a mobile optimized website

    One of the most often asked questions we receive, besides the one if the theme can be easily edited, is the question if the theme is optimized for mobile devices. And we can answer that question with a resounding "yes". The Bouncy Castle WordPress Theme will rearrange its content automatically to fit the screen on which it is displayed. So it doesn't matter if you use a smartphone or a gigantic widescreen monitor. We've made sure that your inflatable rental business keeps looking both professional and stunning irrespective of the device being used.

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