• Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme
  • The Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - a comprehensive template for bodybuilding websites

    Designed with useful business features for all types of gym owners, the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme is an ideal website template for any bodybuilding business. We've made it easy to build a fun, comprehensive website chock full of helpful information and resources for your clients, even if web design isn't your specialty. All that's missing is your own personalized text and photos. Customizing the colors and fonts can be done without any coding at all using our unique, intuitive front-end editing tool. Drag and drop widgets make it simple to rearrange page layouts to suit your needs. An affordable, responsive website is within your reach with the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme.

  • Plans and Pricing

    For the tech-savvy DIY guy

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included











    Hosting + Theme
    Perfect for the busy entrepreneur

    Premium Support

    Automatic Updates

    Website Builder Included

    Demo Content Included


    Theme Included (value $65!)

    FREE Photopack (value $55!)


    FREE WordPress Installation

    FREE Theme Setup

    FREE Domain Name

    FREE SSL Certificate

    SSD Powered Hosting

    Automated Backups

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    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - woocommerce logo
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  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Our themes decimate turnaround time

    Our themes decimate turnaround time

    There can be only one theme supplier that provides you with the quickest way imaginable to build new sites. And it's Nexus Themes.

  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Made for gym owners
    Made for gym owners

    Before we building the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme we first researched to find the specific business needs of gym owners in order to ensure the best match for your business.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Integrated contact form
    Integrated contact form

    The contact page on the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme is set up with space for your contact details, an integrated Google map and a route planner.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Powerful blog options
    Powerful blog options

    Build customer engagement with Bodybuilding WordPress Theme. It comes with an attractive blog that can enhance customer relationships.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - One-glance overview
    One-glance overview

    The Bodybuilding WordPress Theme enables you to showcase all you services in a nice overview. Neatly and cleanly laid out for your prospects with a nice rollover effect.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Eye-catching call-to-actions
    Eye-catching call-to-actions

    Visitors won't have to search for a way to get in touch thanks to calls to action prominently displayed on every page of the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Appealing service pages
    Appealing service pages

    The Bodybuilding WordPress Theme comes pre-populated with service pages designed to suit the needs of gym owners. Simply replace the default content and that's it!

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Clean, professional design
    Clean, professional design

    The Bodybuilding WordPress Theme has a strong design, which is accomplished by the spacing of elements, and the way the colors are being mapped and re-used throughout the site.

  • mobile responsive Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

    Elegant mobile design with the responsive Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

    The stylish, professional look and functionality of the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme extends to the mobile version of your website, with gorgeous full-width images and user-friendly navigation. When visitors access your pages using handheld devices, this website template's mobile-optimized design will automatically adjust the layout of your content to display beautifully on any screen size. Mobile visitors can simply tap on your phone number to dial or tap your email to open a new draft. Treat your clients to a great mobile experience with the responsive Bodybuilding WordPress Theme.

  • A theme as professional as your fitness club

    We take pride in knowing our themes may very well help you achieve your business goal. That's why we go the extra mile in filling in to the brim with features and content that'll help your online fitness club to shine. There's no better, more professional, more appealing, faster, easier and effective way to get your personal business website up and running.

  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Includes Nexus Builder - Proven technology combined with a familiar look-and-feel for gym owners

    Includes Nexus Builder - Proven technology combined with a familiar look-and-feel for gym owners

    As the core engine of the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme we’ve obviously went with the Nexus Builder. It’s an extremely powerful website builder solution on top of the most popular content management system in the world: WordPress. With the hundreds of options out there to create a site your best bet is a solution with rock-solid support, widespread appeal and a large community. Both the Nexus Builder and WordPress fall squarely into that category. And with the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme we moved beyond the confines of having a nice tool and created a fully fleshed out website that adheres to needs of those who actually run a fitness club for real.

  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Customizable UI
    Customizable UI

    You can customize the interface of the Nexus Builder as you see fit. Making its interface work for your website projects in the most efficient way.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Drag & Drop
    Drag & Drop

    We've come a long way since WordPress' inception and with the Nexus Builder web designers have the most powerful drag-and-drop editor at their disposal.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Draggable Widths
    Draggable Widths

    Building a site with the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme is more than simply putting in the right content. You can create gorgeous white space layouts using draggable widths.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - In-line Editing
    In-line Editing

    Going back-and-forth between the what's written in the backend and actually displayed on the website is a thing of the past with in-line editing.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Instant Content
    Instant Content

    Choose between layout presets or create your own custom layouts with rows and columns. And copy, paste, duplicate them on top of that.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Responsive Editing
    Responsive Editing

    Sometimes a design that works great for a desktop just doesn't for a mobile device. Now you can both see this and adjust this when the situation calls for it.

  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Turnkey Template Install
    Turnkey Template Install

    In just minutes your new bodybuilding website will be up and running with the initial design, layout and content of the demo site in place and ready for your own photos and text.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Easy to customize
    Easy to customize

    The amazing front end editor will shatter your perception of what previously could be achieved with a WordPress theme.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Colors that match your style
    Colors that match your style

    This premium WP theme uses an advanced color mapping technique. In addition to black and white, you can select three other hues to make up the color palette used throughout your site.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - No coding skills necessary
    No coding skills necessary

    Manual coding can be a thing of the past--with the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme, which features a user-friendly editor for easy website updating.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Click to add content and features
    Click to add content and features

    Build the website of your dreams with the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme. Just use the easy to use modules to change various elements of your site.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Integrated web fonts
    Integrated web fonts

    Thanks to the Google fonts feature, you can select many text variations via the Bodybuilding WordPress Theme.

  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Photopack

    The right photos in the right place

    We've not only spent an enormous amount of time thinking about what should be in a website for a gym owner, we've also taken the time to find the right photos (and pay for the proper licenses). With the help of the photopack you have the ability to reuse all of this effort, obtain the proper licenses, and save a lot of time in the process.

  • Photos - 36890398

    123rf - 36890398

    Photos - 38212816

    123rf - 38212816

    Photos - gym-546138

    pixabay - gym-546138

    Photos - 17155279

    123rf - 17155279

    Photos - 24350944

    123rf - 24350944

    Photos - 11982228

    123rf - 11982228

    Photos - 35053112

    123rf - 35053112

    Photos - 16987073

    123rf - 16987073

    Photos - 11982221

    123rf - 11982221

    Photos - 14748520

    123rf - 14748520

    Photos - 46986631

    123rf - 46986631

    Photos - running-573762

    pixabay - running-573762

    Photos - training-601214

    pixabay - training-601214

    Photos - fitness-1038434

    pixabay - fitness-1038434

    Photos - yoga-1102410

    pixabay - yoga-1102410

    Photos - gym-1040992

    pixabay - gym-1040992

    Photos - 47510986

    123rf - 47510986

    Photos - 10305967

    123rf - 10305967

    Photos - 21315619

    123rf - 21315619

    Photos - 28673876

    123rf - 28673876

    Photos - 14710108

    123rf - 14710108

    Photos - 42341596

    123rf - 42341596

    Photos - 23123981

    123rf - 23123981

    Photos - 9577496

    123rf - 9577496

  • Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - Photopack

    What our clients say about us

  • I really like the free trials because it allows us website designers to present a demo website to potential clients with there logo and some pictures to give them an idea of what they can have with out purchasing first. It is a real nice feature I hope sill stay in place.

    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - rating
    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - rating
    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - rating
    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - rating
    Bodybuilding WordPress Theme - rating

    Billy Young - U.S.

  • Theme Specifications

    ThemeBodybuilding WordPress Theme
    Latest Release26 March 2018 | 30 days ago | View changelog
    Support ManualSupport Manual, 1675 questions and answers | Open Support Manual
    Widget ReadyYes
    Price$65 (ex vat)
    PhotopackAvailable (optional add-on)
    Support License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Update License12 months | Terms and Conditions
    Refund Policy30 days | Terms and Conditions
    PHPRequires PHP 5.6 or higher (PHP 7.X recommended)
    WordPressTested with WP 4.4 up to WP 4.9 (recommended)